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Searching for consequence-imagining games for children

1 min read
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[LINK] Judea Pearl wins 2011 Turing Award

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[LINK] The Hacker Shelf, free books.

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How much is karma worth, after all?

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Oh, OK. I suspected that's what Clarity meant. It's a bit misleading to call that "opting out".

Even then, the system is opt-out. Anyone can become a renunciate who are beyond caste.

Can you give me a source for this? I've never heard of anyone renouncing their caste, and I have heard about many instances of lower-caste people lying about their caste, and I can't reconcile the two.

Their preferred pronoun is "they", as can be seen from the article. Your pronoun use in this article borders on rude.

If he's looking for a new account name, I suggest Timeless_Houri.

The Civ 5 AI does cheat insofar as it doesn't have to deal with the fog of war, IIRC.

The XCOM AI seems to cheat because they've don't report the actual probability.

[*Causal Inference in Statistics: A Primer*]( by Judea Pearl et al.

I've always enjoyed reading about causality, ever since EY turned us on to Pearl back in [The Fabric of Real Things]( more)

The (male protagonist) parts were rather good, but I ended up skimming through the (female protagonist) parts, probably because it's been decades since I'd read the books she was in.

I think it would be good if someone like Scott Alexander writes a basic "here's why evolution is true"-post.

I don't think such a thing is possible. There's too many bad objections to evolution floating around in the environment.

[Limetown]( is a faux-NPR docudrama about a secret laboratory town, similar to Oak Ridge, TN. Reporter Lia Haddock starts out trying to piece together the story of how all of Limetown's residents suddenly disappeared, and then she gets sucked in to a rabbit hole of fr...(read more)