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Multi-winner Voting: a question of Alignment
... to be continued

Let me guess: Your next article is going to mainly be about place voting, right?

Which are likely to be most politically viable

Before you just assume that PLACE voting is actually the most politically viable multi-winner voting method, perhaps you should conduct a poll to see what voters actually think about the method as well as what voters actually think about other multi-winner voting methods. You might also want to poll voters on how much they like the idea of delegated voting in general. And if voters are skeptical of delegated votin... (read more)

3Jameson Quinn4y
Actually, this article is still a work in progress. Yes, about a third of the part that's missing will be about PLACE. I have cogent responses to the points you raise, but let's wait until the article is finished, so that we're not just following a private conversation carried over from previous interactions.