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A Less Mysterious Mindfulness Exercise

I tried this. My main problems were: 1) straying away from the exercise, 2) visualizing the parade (for some reason, my reaction to "visualizing a parade of soldiers" produces tiny 8-bit crude square drawings of soldiers on a black background, not marching but walking towards me in South Park style, which does not exactly correspond to the whole idea of "meditation, acceptance and mindfulness") and 3) quickly forgetting which soldier carries what, so I rapidly fall in anxiety mode, add that anxiety to the list of soldiers, which, of cou... (read more)

Rational Reading: Thoughts On Prioritizing Books

My experience with audiobooks is completely different. I found myself unable to get into the flow of listening, constantly getting distracted and losing track of what's going on. Besides, given that I already put myself under much cognitive load (reading, MOOCs, university), I decided to dedicate the time when I cannot read to reassessing and recalling everything in diffuse mode of thinking. So far, seems like there is no better option.

Meetup : Helsinki Book Blanket Meetup


I am a beginner rationalist (slowly making my way through How to Actually Change Your Mind), I haven't read any field-specific books yet, but I happen to be in Helsinki on Aug 16th. As far as I understand, the event is specifically about exchanging reading recommendations. Would visiting be premature? Will I find anything interesting for me there?

Also, judging by the description, the attached map seems to be slightly off. OSM gives a better location:

Hi, yes, at least one of the main ideas was to find out more about books one might want to read, from people who have read them: to share experiences around common interests. It so happened that I printed the books just before someone posted more, but it doesn't have to be limited to talking about the ones (printed) at [] If weather forecasts seem rainy, we'll probably meet at the lobby of [] in which case I'll announce the change tomorrow. True about the map though! My feeling is that this shouldn't end up being demanding in any way; if some people want to talk about some technical books they've all read, then they can take a separate table, but mostly we'll just wonder about/around books spread as cards on the table and see what leads to interesting associations. I recommend browsing the Goodreads shelf of printed books and to why-not consider joining at least if you'd be interested in hearing or talking about any of them, as probably many of them are at least somehow familiar to participants. (Based on the Facebook event, I expect at most 10 people will attend.)
The Affect Heuristic

Doing badly on written word problems can be explained by failure to comprehend linguistic concepts. Doing badly on math problems can be explained by failure to comprehend mathematical concepts.

You see, this explanation makes perfect sense.