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This is a "knowledge builds up on previous knowledge" problem. It's not that math is fundamentally hard or something a person with normal intelligence can't achieve.

It's just a matter of systematically filling the gaps in your knowledge. Some people have wider gaps, others have narrower ones. Past experience counts a lot here.

The ideal posture is starting from the ground. Really, go back to the beginning of high school of you need to (that's no shame), but make sure you have the fundamentals right (and you expose yourself to a variety of applicat... (read more)

Well, yes, that would actually help quite a lot. What did you have in mind?

What does the cold have to do with it?

Cooling. E.g.:

thank you. This was a 'duh!' moment; I haven't realized it was the 2nd book of the Natural 20.

Can you give a link to this story? It is surprisingly difficult to find.

If you put the quote into quotation marks and search Google, it's the fifth hit.
It is the second book in the series Harry Potter and the Natural 20, which can be found here.

No. Quirrell knew what was going on because of the empathic link with Harry. The "ancient device" line was him covering up that this existed.

From Reddit, when people answered the exact same commentary made by me.

Started reading now. It's highly rated, so I'm expecting it to be at least amusing.

I read it on recommendation from one of these threads. It was amusing, but I've enjoyed others of the author's stories more - the Potter/Firefly crossover Browncoat, Green Eyes, for all that the premise sounds dumb, was excellent.

Could you send the 1st and 2nd for me, please? paulo at username dot com

It's a copywriting technique. It makes easier for people to read (note how the subjects of newsletters campaings usually come like that). Don't ask me for the research, I have no idea where I've read it.

In this case, I guess he just pasted the title here.

So, is there any research done about this kind of stuff? All the discussions of this kind of things I've seen on Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style and places like that appear to be based on people Generalizing From One Example.


I'm rather curious how parents can "be" something to children without doing, since it's supposed children don't know their parents before their first contact (after birth, I mean).

I didn't said that they aren't doing anything. I said that identifying specific behaviors doesn't make a good predictor. Characteristics like high emotional intelligence are better predictors. Working on increased emotional intelligence and higher self esteem would be work that changes "who you are". Taking steps to raise their own emotional intelligence might have a much higher effect that taking children to the museum to teach them about
I think I have heard of such studies, but the conclusion is different. Who the parents are matter more than things like which school do the kids go, or in which neighborhood they live, etc. But in my view, that's only because being something (let's say, a sportsman), will makes you do things that influence your kids to pursue a similar path

It seems beautiful, so far. Thanks!

Yep, most of it. I mean, ALL of it. It's just too much. Quirrel (and Voldemort) in the cannon aren't that smart, so I'm having so trouble updating that.

Latest Author's Note Update.

There’s a chance here to reach up toward that impossible dream of a better world where people aren’t crazy all the damn time, because believe it or not, nobody’s really tried anything like this before. [...] Science, reason, and rationality – it’s what Muggles use instead of magic, and it’s all we’ve got.

I thought it was really inspiring.

I had such a hard time convincing myself on this (quirrel = voldemort).

Yes, I'm probably biased, but I don't know how. I suspect it's because I can't think of how Quirrelmort would do all that stuff, so I assumed he wouldn't.

At last, a reply! ... I think this indicates most readers now believe in Quirrelmort. What, all the torturing and so on? Or the horcrux stuff?

Step by step:

  1. Open your chrome browser and press F12
  2. Click on 'Scripts'
  3. Down corner on the left, Click in the icon to "show console"
  4. Paste the code and press enter. The page will seem to reload and the magic will happen.

By the way, thanks for the code

The link in the end of text is broken. I've found another one, would you update it?

Check whether it is the same pdf before posting. I believe it is.

Screw AI, let's just build Feynman when we get the technology. He was a hoot!

Sounds good to me.

What's exactly the next step after I notice I'm confused?

How? How? In retrospect it had been an obvious sort of idea as cunning plots went, but Granger wasn't supposed to be cunning! She'd been too much of a Hufflepuff to use a Simple Strike Hex! Had Professor Quirrell been advising her despite his promise, or...

And then Draco finally did what he should have done much earlier.

What he should have done after the first time he met with Granger.

What Harry Potter had told him to do, trained him to do, and yet Harry had also warned Draco that it would take tim

... (read more)
[I think my original response didn't understand the question; it was about rationality techniques in general, not this scene.]

Yeah, man, your journey is most interesting than you think. PM me too, if possible.

I didn't understand the song (I haven't watched Ghostbusters), but I think the existence of a song itself to Harry, when he's walking down to the selector hat is a nice, funny point in the history.

That's why I think it must to be kept. It's one of those things that actually makes sense in the HPMOR world.

Thanks! I love docs like these, that take the a broad approach.

exactly. I missed the shot, for example.

Yeah, I guess one future key ability will be know how keywords use to solve a problem. Using the google, of course.

Really thank you, Alejandro1, you clarified the "inertial reference" point.

Going a little bit beyond, what the heck the gravity has to do with time turners and time travel? My knowledge is pretty restrict in this area (almost zero), so if you can't answer this in a simple way [1]; just saying "go study X" will work fine,too, if that's the case.

[1] As Feynman says, if you want to explain something complicated for someone, you can rephrase or use analogies as long as the person has an (or a few) equivalent model of that topic in their rea... (read more)

So, in this fic, you time travel and you wind up in the "same place" as you started. The concept of "same place", however, is actually really complicated. The earth is spinning and orbiting the sun, which is itself orbiting the center of the galaxy, which is in turn.... My first intuition was that, if you traveled in time, you would wind up floating in space. However, it's not at all obvious that a reference frame where the sun is stationary is better than any other, which is how I got to using your current stationary inertial reference frame: it's the only one that's unique from all the other possible ones, and yields the behavior above.

Could you re-explain this?

Especially thorny is that the surface of the earth accelerates upwards relative to inertial reference frames; if you stay in your inertial reference frame played backwards through time, you don't lose the earth in space, but you do oscillate through it like a mass on a spring. I personally think this is a really cool way for time travel to work, but it's clearly not how time turners do

I don't even konw what search for in google so that I undestand it: special relativity?

First, imagine yourself in a spaceship far away from any gravitational sources. If your rockets are off, objects inside the ship left at rest relative to it will stay at rest. In this situation, your ship is in an inertial reference frame, so called because in it the law of inertia is valid. (By contrast, if your rockets are on, objects left at rest will start accelerating towards the back wall, unless there is some countervailing force acting on them).

Now imagine your spaceship close to Earth, within its gravitational field. What is an inertial frame now?... (read more)

Imagine you're on a merry-go round. You could calculate physics as if you and the merry-go-round were rotating, and that will be fine. Alternatively, you could pretend you're not rotating (choosing a non-inertial reference frame). However, if you want physics to still work, you have to introduce centrifugal and coriolis forces to make everything work out properly (this is the force you feel "pushing" you out to the edge). Now in general relativity, inertial reference frames are those that are in free fall. An example of an inertial reference frame would be an orbiting satellite. Note that there is no gravity in an inertial reference frame like a satellite. Now, you can pretend that standing on the surface of the earth is an inertial reference frame (ignoring totally the rotation for now), but to make everything work out properly, you need to introduce a new force accelerating you downward: gravity.
General Relativity, actually. You could also look for "gravity as a fictitious force".

yeah, I'd love a step-by-step guide.

You deserve far more karma than what you received, my friend.

By the way, could you link me to the argument expressed here?

RL rkcerffrq chmmyrzrag ng ubj many readers took forever to decide Quirrell = Voldemort

Right here.

How is the hiring working, if "Age and credentials are irrelevant": Those who submit first get the first shot?

I got pumped out by the oportunity.

This is driving me crazy.

I never know when he's doing evil or not. This chapter, for example, led me to believe he was doing good at some point of his life. Although my rationalist-beginner-side is screaming at me he is Voldemort or something, I can't help but sympathize with that point.

Um, his "good" deed consisted of attempting to set up a fake ultimate hero and getting really pissed of when people didn't fall for it.

Canon!Ron had a lot of time and personal interaction in which to grow to like Hermione. MoR!Ron is in a different house, and much of his interaction with her is informed by her close friendship with Harry, whom he considers Evil. And according to Ron, being friends with Evil is extremely damning in and of itself.

It would be nice if the disruptive effect they have on the rest of my life was more localized.

I think exactly like that.

I vote up to have them released all at once.

+1 for the very same reason. Reading a HPMOR chapter is a day-long distraction. it simply won't leave my brain alone for work on the rest of the day.

Harry apologizes through an elaborate prank that utilizes the Time Turner, the True Cloak of Invisibility, and exploding birthday cake.

I laughed so hard that it hurt.

The individual colored patches are the five first JKR books, and the overlapping patch is The Methods of Rationality, plotted by chapter and book, vs the number of total words written. MoR is now longer than all the first four books put together. The reason I made the graph was I was wondering if those two individual EY statements (rot13'd in my statement above) were would add up to make more than one bit of information, but they did not. If Eliezer finishes Methods of Rationality at 150% of current length, we'd end up midway into the sixth book.
The foreign exchange(i.e., currency) market is both very liquid and very volatile. With advance knowledge of major changes from a Time Turner, it's easy to make very fast exponential growth of your seed money - even a 1% change per day, in any direction, multiplies your money by a factor of 12 every year(or x3 million before he graduates Hogwarts). Of course, anyone with that sort of record would get investigated hard and fast, but a more cautious approach can still result in absurd growth.

I seem to recall that the great EY seems to have said that this story ends after the first year of Hogwarts.

Wait... what?

Telling lies, plotting, sneakering invisible in the girl's dorm (writing in her book while invisible), so that Lili disliked Snape.

...or teaching Lily more about potions, by getting her to examine what would happen with different ingredients in various potions.

Harry as we know him will cease to exist. Voldemort will go on in triumph -- as Harry Potter, the boy who destroyed Voldemort twice over. Harry will be the beloved hero of magical Britain -- and Voldemort inside.

Very structured, but... a sad end? Harry, the almost ratinalist, losing? This seems odd.

I've been torn on how probable I think this outcome is, but I wouldn't put it past Eliezer. This is the person who thinks bad end is the default end for humanity, and the universe isn't fair, and bad things are allowed to happen. Even if you work really hard to stop them.

This may be Quirrell's plan, even if Eliezer intends for Harry to defeat it in some way.

wait, Quirrel killed Rita? Can any of you quote that part for me? I can't believe I skipped this one.

There's a lot of stuff in the fic that's explained only indirectly, leaving the reader to infer the truth - the Pioneer Plaque horcrux; Malfoy's belief that Harry is Voldemort; that Dumbledore is partially responsible for the potion that cleared up Petunia's appearance; the solution to Rita Skeeter's mistaken evidence (though that was made explicit recently); Skeeter's death; the self-serving nature of Quirrell's "strengthening" of Harry (learning to lose, inability to testify under veritaserum, rescuing a former minion, etc); the list goes on...

wait, Quirrel killed Rita?

Squished her like a bug.

See Chapter 26:

Nestled up against the wall, where Professor Quirrell had stumbled, glistened the crushed remains of a beautiful blue beetle.

(The stumbling happened earlier in the same chapter, Quirrell covered it though, feigning dizziness.)

Lily's last conversation with Voldemort just so happens to replicate the requirements of a Dark ritual - you name the thing sacrificed, and then the thing to be gained.

"I accept the bargain. Yourself to die, and the child to live."

That's really awesome.

Yeah, I never thought about it, Maybe D isn't evil, making Snape suffering with Lili; maybe he was just trying to help Petunia.

Could someone explain how D made Snape suffer?

This is actually weird. How can he write such a good fic if he didn't read all the books, relying only in definitions in the wiki? If so, he gain two more points of respect.

Also, he has read alot of Harry Potter fanfic.

I don't get it straight: will Harry declare war to whom? To the dementors?

But, your line of thought is interesting.

I like that it is ambiguous. Its direct meaning is that magical britain is now at war with the dementors, and that the alliance between them is done; the indirect meaning is that those who would stand with or use dementors are also included.
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