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I think that "books don't work" isn't a precise enough statement.Take Thinking Fast and Slow, personally I found the book difficult to read because while the content is interesting the writing itself isn't compatible[1] . Maybe because of the genre or intended audience but the book in itself isn't a good choice to learn about it's content (Judgment under uncertainty, biases ...)

I see it this way, to learn about a specific subject I select and skim several textbooks choose the smaller one in number of pages (more on this later) and work trough it on the spa

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This was a nice introductory post, my question is as a firm and under the assumption you have large capital what is your experience on using market making strategies? from a few tests I have done last year the arbitrage opportunities are good but I could not afford bigger size so my profits were relatively smalI. My interest in market making is due to the limited need of "predictions" that I am highly skeptical of and instead focusing on spread inefficiency. Edit : I also think that having a good strategy is merely 25% of your trade especially if you trade

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Can't comment on market making; that's not something we do. I agree that linear models usually perform much better.

Spot on the last part, my entourage mostly focuses on the belonging part,especially my parents . The reason I started at looking at the text is because I went down the road of what Luke discussed in his presentation "Why the new atheist failed" I wanted to seek the strongest argument of the opposing part that can be criticized without falling in the mysterious loop of what is God or how does he exist. That's why I took my time to do this research not because of respect to the religion but because I needed to have some kind of argument that fits the usual d

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Thank you, my bad I type horribly on my phone hence the misclick for new post

I think a major reason for this is the new stoic writings like The Daily Stoic which is packaged as a form of advice instead of being a reflexive text like Seneca's or Marcus Aurelius or Epicurus or Epicetus. Packaged advice is often taken literally by the reader unlike Seneca's letters where you have to think and reflect to understand what it is about. Stoïcism is being sold as cool no stress mindset whereas it is better defined as we don't have total control but the control we have should be put to use.

After reading lukeprog article "Build small skills in the right order" I came to understand that another reason why I am overworked is that I tackle big things without an effective plan for example a large chunk of the code I am building is built upon a peer to peer network even though I have wrote webserver code before and understand the inner workings of protocols I never built a toy p2p application. What happens then is not only my reward is delayed again because I face technical difficulties but this makes me procrastinate because the problem is just t

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I am currently taking time off from my side project which was taking quite some time from me , I am going to focus on the most important things now such as university course work and independent science study . Thanks

Thank you for this link it really cleared my thoughts a bit on the subject but here goes my interpretation. Personality Types are real because we are framed to be one of the two things, the way you answer those tests is binary even if you are given a spectrum to choose from hence I think that if everyone does take a personality test it will end up being one of the 16. I think that what we consider scientific or not can't necessarily be generalized. Unlike physics or mathematics where the foundations are axioms that were based on experimentation for the fir

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Let's say we invent a decision framework for psychology to decide whether something is scientific or not and let's say human experimentation is the way to confirm that then yes personality tests are scientific because first you experiment by answering and you end up finding that the results do actually fit you.

The problem with that standard is that you are going to find with it that astrology is scientific

Definitely I should focus on my GPA as it is my best way to leave the country by apply for MS abroad.