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What will GPT-4 be incapable of?

Things that it can probably do sometimes, but will fail on some inputs:

  • Factor numbers
  • Solve NP-Complete or harder problems
  • Execute code

There are other “tail end” tasks like this that should eventually become the hardest bits that optimization spends the most time on, once it manages to figure everything else out.

Chaos Induces Abstractions

If we knew (for some reason) that a system had no useful abstractions (or at least, no small ones), what could we say about that system? Does it reduce to some vacuous thing? Or does it require it to be adversarial in nature?

5johnswentworth25dIt would mean that information is conserved - not just at a microscopic level, but at a macroscopic level too. Every piece of information we have about the system is always relevant to whatever predictions we want to make.