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Hmm, from the literature I've consumed so far, I had the impression that SIBO isn't actually that common, and it's just one possible (and not particularly wide-spread) reason for irritable bowel syndrome. That said, evidence is mounting that SIBO was absolutely [my problem](, so I have no anecdata leg to stand on. (Personally I'm gradually experimenting with the carbs my gut is okay with it, since it has such a strong d... (read more)

I flippantly summarise my version of this as "Prevent dementia, drink Coca Cola." My own story is that I was B12 deficient because of (at the end of a chain of causation) low gut motility.

I'd drunk Coca Cola like other people drink water for my teenage years and the caffeine in it was plenty to keep my gut motility up enough to not cause issues. Eventually I went off Coca Cola for all the usual sane health reasons (but never picked up coffee or some other caffeinated drink!), my gut bacteria spilled over into my small intestine (SIBO) and increased irritab... (read more)

It's a neat way to poke holes into the setup!

I've got to admit I'm actually even quite impressed you managed to pull that off, because while the effort of the Gatekeeper's obvious, I can't imagine that was something that you felt was fun, and I think it takes some courage to be willing to cheat the spirit of the setup, annoy your scenario partner almost without a shadow of a doubt, and resist the urge to check up on the person. I think in your situation that would've driven me about as nuts as the Gatekeeper. You did mention feeling "kind of bad about... (read more)

Thanks for the link! I had a chuckle - that's an interesting brand of cruelty, even if it only potentially works out of character. I think it highlights that it might potentially be easier to win the AI box experiment on a technicality, the proverbial letter of the law rather than the spirit of it.

Do you have a link to Khoth's argument? I hadn't found any publicised winning scenarios back when I looked, so I'd be really interested in reading about it!

Ah, sorry to get your hopes up, it's a degenerate approach: []

Whoops, judging by the timestamp of your comment, the post went up a bit sooner than I thought it would! Today I learnt "Save And Continue" actually means "Submit, but bring up the edit screen again"? The more you know... (It's done now. I was fiddling some more with formatting and with the preamble.)

Thanks for making me fix my misconception about Eliezer's stance - and for your support in general! I really appreciate it.

Yep. I guess you are supposed to keep the " Post to" as "Drafts", until you really want to publish.

I've created a contact sheet so people who would like to stay in touch have that opportunity (since not everyone is on or on LessWrong). I won't link to it here in the comment section since it will end up containing e-mail addresses that spambots might harvest, but I hope Gunnar will share the link with all of the attendants. :)

You don't have to enter your details, but you're very welcome to do so!

If you don't get the link within the next 24 hours, feel free to send me a message here on LessWrong, or contact me via my gmail address, which has the same username I have here, and ask for the link. :)

I fully intend to be there. :) Thanks for organising this!