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Procedural Knowledge Gaps, part 2

Yeah, I'm still figuring out what I want....

Uuuuuummm... admittedly, I often don't pay attention, unless it's at a restaurant, but even then I'll probably just get the standard burger, because I don't like to spend much time going over a menu. I tend to eat the same meals over and over, usually never for pleasure. Some style of eggs in the morning, maybe a bit of this granola / peanut butter mix the parents buy. and I just sort of stare into the fridge for lunch, or give up and go for fast food. I think I've been eating too much fast food. Eventually the t... (read more)

0[anonymous]8yI'd recommend against getting (buying) a cookbook, as you can find recipes and food ideas for free on the internet. It sounds like you don't mind eating more or less the same things every day (more power to you!), but want to pay more attention to diet and health? Other than eating a variety of food groups, it's hard to give specific advice through the internet. This does sound like an issue best solved by finding someone knowledgable about food and learning from them, as Alicorn points out. It's also a good way to familiarize yourself with the basics of cooking, which is something that recipes tend to assume you have already.
Procedural Knowledge Gaps, part 2

Aaaaahhhh. In that case, I should have asked sooner: I was in California for about nine days back in May. :)

Procedural Knowledge Gaps, part 2

Knoxville, Tennessee.

Edit: Um... or did you mean, the type of area in which I live? Suburbs, mostly chain stores, except for the one privately-owned one. Near a college / city. There are some "organic" stores, and also a few farmer's markets.

3Alicorn8yNo, I did mean specifically; if you were around here I was considering accompanying you to a supermarket and talking about brand-selection algorithms and stuff.
Procedural Knowledge Gaps, part 2

How does one buy groceries?

The methods my parents used were very mysterious to me, and usually built a collection of edibles that were either filling or tasty or both. I don't understand how they were choosing, but I know it wasn't following any sort of plan other than their own tastes or simplicity of preparation, or cheapness. I'm not too into my food, so I was useless when asked what I would like. I also extremely dislike being in grocery stores or meandering in any store at all, so if I was sent out for groceries I would request a list that I could bl... (read more)

0[anonymous]8ySome supermarket chains offer home delivery services. You most likely still have to know what you want to buy, but at least you won't have to enter the store itself. Do you pay attention to what kinds of food you like more than others? Also, how much effort do you typically put into your meals/food preparation?
4Alicorn8yThis problem sounds like it could be most effectively addressed by having someone go shopping with you and narrate what they're doing. Where do you live?
Rationality Quotes May 2013

There wouldn't happen to be anything that's sort of the opposite of this, would there? Screwing up often but sporadically, not due to inherent inability but because of simple inexpertise, making you say "I'm bad at this" more often?

Rationality Quotes November 2012

King Kai: It’s…. It’s over.
Yamcha: What?
King Kai: Goku could not escape the explosion. Namek is gone, and so is he.
Yamcha: No. Goku no. NOOOOOOOOO! [Cries]
Tien: Why do you care?
Yamcha: Ah, wha?
Tien: Why do any of you care? Are you forgetting the whole reason they went to Namek in the first place? Now we have two sets of Dragon Balls.
Yamcha: Well…. yeah but you make it sound like death has no consequence.
Tien: It really doesn’t. We’re literally waiting to go back. Hell, this is Chiaotzu’s second time.
Chiaotzu: Next time I get a free sundae!
Yamcha: Huh.

... (read more)
Procedural Knowledge Gaps

My word, I do it too, and I never realized!

I hated it when it was done to me in my youth, and I still hate it when it's done to me now. In fact, most repetitious and nagging patterns of speech make me shut up like a clam. I'm hardly as loquacious in person as I can be through text.

Except... I teach piano and guitar to children. And, in my teaching of habits of practice, I tend to repeat myself maybe a bit too much. I'm really trying to improve.

And also... hehe... I noticed myself introducing rationality techniques. ^_^; How to analyze and target your confusion and lack of understanding whilst reading new music that contain hitherto unseen musical notations or phrases. That's how I'm used to learning.

Rationality Quotes October 2012

I used to do step-by-step instructions and those XKCD diagrams (all of which were promptly torn down for being "dern confusicating", but I'll try all that. Thanks.

Rationality Quotes October 2012

When I was a kid, removing my niggling and nagging choices, distractions, and petty inabilites sounded grand. It kinda backfired at first because I started over-planning the details of my daily activities, like ya do. And anything I actually took an interest in, to quell my confusion and streamline my time, drew people towards me for my arcane skills.

Is there any honor in hiding your abilities (when it's not your job) so people don't ask for help with simple stuff?

I was... uh... the family IT guy. My dad still needs the computer's power button pointed out to him.

2CCC9yPlace a notebook next to the computer. When you tell someone how to do something, tell them to write it down, every step, in the notebook. Tell them to write it down so that they will be able to understand it later. Next time they ask you the same question, refer them to the notebook. If this fails to help, consider insisting on some minor cost (such as 'buy me a chocolate' - nothing expensive, more an irritant than anything else, merely a cost for the sake of having a cost) for reiterating anything that has been written in the notebook. It may or may not help, but if it doesn't help, then at least you'll get a certain amount of chocolate out of it.
Rationality Quotes October 2012

Usually I try to give similar answers that halt the line of conversation.

"I've never cared for sports, I shouldn't play for health reasons, it's not interesting to me, I don't understand the point, I've got other things to do, my dog was killed by a rogue football and I've never been the same since that fateful day", etc.

I've never actually answered "No" to the question "Why not?!", but I feel as though I should try, now...

So, I've never really let it progress beyond that point. As a kid, I did that with both religion and politics, by giving noncommittal answers.

Rationality Quotes October 2012

As I was growing up around here, I discovered that there are certain curiosities which are always welcomed in this redneck sort of area. They include such lovely questions as;

  • "What church do you go to?"

  • 1. "You root for the home sport team, right?" 2. "...Do you follow sport at all?" 3. "Why not?!" (They progress like this the more you answer "No")

  • "Politics? Politics? Politics? Politics? Politics? Politics? POLITICS?"

Any curiosity more complex than this is usually just there to serve these... (read more)

0[anonymous]9yNow I'm curious about how the progression continues. (In Italy, I am asked what football (soccer) team I support all the time, but when I say “I used to support Juventus, but I haven't actually followed football in years” they usually leave it at that, and when they do ask me why and I say stuff like “I just don't enjoy it anymore” they never progress any further.)
Rationality Quotes September 2012

This reminds me of an episode of QI, in which Johnny Vegas, who usually throws out random answers for the humor, actually managed to get a question (essentially) right.

Rationality Quotes September 2012

I'm surprised at how often I have to inform people of this... I have mild scoliosis, and so I usually prefer sitting down and kicking up my feet, usually with my work in hand. Coming from a family who appreciates backbreaking work is rough when the hard work is even harder and the pain longer-lasting... which would be slightly more bearable if the aforementioned family did not see reading MYSTERIOUS TEXTS on a Kindle and using computers for MYSTERIOUS PURPOSES as signs of laziness and devotion to silly frivolities.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is not a very new situation.

Rationality Quotes September 2012

Much to their chagrin, I'm assuming.

4Luke_A_Somers9yRather: chagrin and relief.
Welcome to Less Wrong! (2012)

Hello there. I am Plubbingworth. I am twenty, and I first caught wind of the delicious stench of Rationality all the way from where I was before, but only after I began to seek it. HILARIOUS COINCIDENCE: I read about the Less Wrong Community and read HPMOR completely separately without realizing the connection, how funny is that?!

Anyway. I was reading and absorbing and learning as much as I could from every facet of this wonderful website, when I realized, to my dismay, that there was not much of a concentration in the use of Rationality in this fine state... (read more)

0RobertLumley10yWelcome to LW! Nice to see another Knoxvillian. But we've been talking via PM, so I won't continue that conversation here.