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Book Launch: The Engines of Cognition

The books are unavailable anywhere. Can we expect more anytime soon?

The Best Software For Every Need

Have you tried radare2? If you have, how does it stack against IDA?

I've definitely looked at it, but don't recall trying it. My first questions from looking at the screenshots are about its annotation capabilities (e.g.: naming functions, identifying structs) and its UI (IDA highlighting every use of a register when you mouse over it is stupendously useful).
Why Productivity Systems Don't Stick

How does one uncover shadow values?

On format: a little bit of editing might improve reading experience. Just joining some paragraphs might be a great improvement.

8Matt Goldenberg1y
Here's one way: 1. Make a list of all your values. 2. Imagine a life that fulfills all those values. 3. Project that life into the future, a day, then a week, then a month, then a year, then a decade of living that life 4. As your timescale gets bigger, notice any resistance or unease. 5. Introspect on that unease. What's missing from this life that you actually value.
Why Don't Creators Switch to their Own Platforms?

Technical difficulties of development and maintenance of own platforms have been mentioned in other comments.

However, many own platforms lack revenue opportunities provided by centralized platforms. YouTube specifically has a huge benefit of built-in monetization. Most content creators on YouTube start earning money much earlier because YouTube manages ads for them. General trend I see is creators start getting sponsored videos sometime between 500,000 and 1MM subscribers. Depending on channel that can take about a year getting videos out at a regular pace. I hazard a guess that many would've given up much earlier if they had to think about monetization on their own instead of relying on the platform for that.