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That remind me of what we had in our house.  It wasn't used much for cooking, stews maybe that's all I recall.

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Sorry, did you mean to post this under one of my other comments? I would be quite surprised to see glass cookware being used for a stew!

I see that gjm has replied with beautifully typeset text.

I assume it means an image used in the training process by which the robots learned to recognize things.

I have a confession to make, I can make no sense of probability as degree of belief. The measure-theoretic definition (due to Kolmogoroff?) suits me and I have never progressed beyond it. I can do naught but beg your forgiveness.

What is the measure theoretic definition?
You don't need anyone's forgiveness. But it turns out that quantifying degrees of belief is useful sometimes, and that representing them as numbers from 0 to 1 that behave like probabilities is a good way to do that. (There are theorems that kinda-sorta say it's the only way to do that, if you want various nice-sounding things to be true, but how much you care about those nice-sounding things is up to you.) So you may be missing out on some useful thinking tools.
Agree. The "best" in the title is quite misleading. "A 'good' collection of textbooks recommended by rationalists" would be a better title.

The idea with the format of this thread was to highlight why a given book was better than another two, so that other people  (with different tastes and needs) can make a more informed judgment.

Yes, but not as often as I'd like and not very well.