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Спасибо for the correction.

For practice:

Akkor rossz a tojás, ha miután feltörtem, furcsán néz ki (homályos, valami nő benne, piros pöttyöket látok), illetve rossz szagú. A tojásokat mindig külön pohárban töröm fel, nehogy az egész ételt rontsam el vele. Miután megnéztem és megszagoltam, nyugodtan beletehetem a serpenyőbe. A barátnőm azt mondja, hogy amelyik úszik a vízben, az már nem jó, de ez csak azt jelenti, hogy már nem a legfrissebb és óvatosan kell bánni vele. Szeretem a rántott tojást és a töltött tojást és a tükör tojást is de az utolsót csak pirított kenyérrel.

Szegeden élek... (read more)

Thanks for the information. :) I suppose that in general, then, "unheard of leaf vegetable that's being suggested for a salad" can be replaced with "regular salad leaves" and "unheard of vegetable being suggested for pasta" can be replaced with "vegetable i like in pasta" and "some cheese that i dont know what it tastes like" can be replaced with gouda, which is good on everything.

I wonder if leaf parsley's roots taste the same as root parsley's. Wikipedia says they are smaller, since they're not being gro... (read more)

Yes, this.

I am planning to move in about a year's time, to live with my girlfriend who I'm engaged to and live together. I cannot move sooner because to move in with her, I need to apply for a partner visa, and then wait for it to be processed. It is theoretically possible to move somewhere else, in the interim, but it's only a year, and I don't think I have the energy to move right now. Also, I really like my landlady. She's the kindest person I know. My previous apartments were much worse. At the last one, I was attacked and then stalked by a neighbour and the lan... (read more)

To summarize your situation, it sounds like your apartment has a serious mold/fungus problem which is causing your health issues. If you're not confident that this is true you could test it to be sure (e.g., by living someplace else for a week), but if you accept that it's true then you can plan the next step. You have a few options: Option 1 is for you to move. It will take some work, but it's something that you know how to do (you've done it before) and it's the surest way to get away from the fungus. You could get other people to help you. Option 2 is to try to rid your apartment of the fungus. That is also going to be a lot of work, and it involves technical knowledge/skills which you don't have (it's not just a matter of some vacuuming and dusting). There is probably information about it online, or you could try to find an expert to help or at least advise you. You also don't know if it will succeed - you might just reduce the amount of fungus, only to have it grow right back. If you go for this option you should get help, probably including the help of the landlady, since it is her apartment (and it sounds like she'll want to help). Option 3 is to do nothing and stay in your apartment for the next year. If you do that, your health probably won't get any better. Migraines, lack of energy, difficulty doing things - those problems will all continue. They might even get worse with continued exposure, or cause more permanent problems (I don't know what the exact risks are - that's something else to look up online or check with experts on). (Unless your health problems have been seasonal - then they might become somewhat less bad in the winter and then blossom again in the spring.) You'd be choosing another year of more of the same, and it will continue to be hard to do the things that you're planning - the visa application, moving, getting married. If you try option 2 and don't do a good enough job of it, it could easily collapse into option 3.

Well, it was food left out of refrigeration as well. I've never really thought of ramen as cooked food -- it was heated in the microwave for the required time, though, so I suppose you're right.

Humidity has been around 80-90% recently, and the temperature that day was probably no higher than 30. The amount of growth was small -- just a few clusters less than a centimetre in diametre, but black and definitely fungus. I put it on the opposite side of the room where it wouldn't be near me and let it grow a little longer and it was covered within a few days. ... (read more)

I don't know whether you can afford it, but it may help to buy a dehumidifier to lower the humidity in & near your kitchen. That should make it harder for mould to grow successfully. A new one costs £100-200 here (which Google's currency converter says is about 30k-60k HUF), but they should last for 3-10 years, so the cost is amortized over quite a long time. The only maintenance they should need is being emptied daily (maybe twice a day in a very humid environment), which only takes a couple of minutes. Edit: of course, before you buy one, it's probably a good idea to borrow one from a friend or hire one so you can test it for a few weeks and see if there's an improvement first.
If your health deteriorates further then you will not be able to complete your planned move, much less do something drastic like move now. If your environment has toxic fungus, you cannot live for a year there and expect to be in any condition to move, to apply for a visa, or perhaps to be out of the hospital. I am trying not to be alarmist, and would very much like the opinion of better informed readers on the relative danger/safety of your situation, but you need to examine how much you weigh the inconvenience of moving or doing something about the problem versus your health or existential risks. I've moved four times in the last three years across three continents. I've been lucky enough to not be coping with migraines and to have enough cashflow to make it work. I only mention it to point out that it is eminently feasible. Is there anyone you can stay with for say a week to see if your condition improves vis-a-vie the migraines?

My preference is a happy medium between the two. My experience vascillates between "chewing little rocks" or "i'm eating baby food" yet I like lentils, despite these problems.

My lentils are labeled in greek (ПΟΛΕМИΔΙΩТНΕ КΥПИАКХ ΦАКН), and my greek is worse than my russian (i can recognise about half of the letters and only those words which English stole and didn't change very much) but they look red to me and definitely not green. I got them when a friend was moving home to Cyprus and didnt want to lug her pantry back with her. That must have been five years ago. She gave me several bags, and a little lentils go a long way.

Because I live in a former eastern bloc country (Hungary). My only guess is the fridge is that old. (It's not mine, but it came with the apartment I live in. The building I live in is Russian built too. :)

I will look again it, to make sure I got the letters right and to make sure it is pointing at what I thought it was. Since my Russian is so bad, when i checked last time what the words said, I was repeating "V soft sign K L" to myself so i wouldnt forget it before i got back to the keyboard. (I was confident i could remember min and maks) so it ... (read more)

Native Russian speaker here. That is correct. btw. ь and ы are distinct letters.
Haha, you've run into some of the most confusing false friends between any languages there. The Russian cognate of Serbian (and Bosnian/Croatian) uključiti is включить, which if I'm not mistaken means the same thing -- not выключить, which means the exact opposite. To make things even more confusing, the BCS verbal prefix u- normally denotes arrival/entering, whereas in Russian it generally denotes leaving. So you get false friends like ući "to enter" vs. уйти "to go away," or uletjeti "to fly in" vs. улететь "to fly away." Generally, if there exists a Russian cognate of a BCS verb with the u- prefix, it will have the prefix в- or во-, not у- or вы-. The former are real etymological cognates, while the latter are not despite the similarity, and often in fact convey the opposite meaning. Such false friends are even more fun when you see Serbian spelled in Cyrillic, making the false similarities even more prominent. (The first prize, I think, goes to this one, though my great favorite is also право, which is "straight" in Serbian but "right" in Russian when you give directions.)

googling "when is ripe" in hungarian gave me a site with a chart (but not all the fruits and veggies i could think of) as the first link. im sure further links down the google results page would include the missing ones.

i will try making the water soapier. also, evaporation plays a problem if i leave it too long. but i want to get in the habit of cooking often enough that i wont have to worry about that. i remember i used to wash any stray dishes while waiting for water to boil. i have lots of tricks like that i seem to have to rediscover again a... (read more)

Capers are pickled flowerbuds, and can probably be safely left out of virtually anything. Parmigiano-reggiano is a cheese; you can sub parmesan or another hard grated/shredded cheese if you can't find it. Radicchio and swiss chard are both leaf vegetables and could probably be reasonably substituted for others in that reference class. Cheez whiz is an abomination. Also, now I want to try parsley root, but Wikipedia indicates it will be hard to find here! Rar!

Anyway, a quick googling of "mikor érik" (when is ripe) got me to this page: (warning, not in english)

although it doesn't list strawberries. for july, it says: sweet cherries, gooseberries, black currant, watermelon, sour cherry, peach, currant, apricot, plum. the ones that are in the middle of their season will be cheapest. the ones just starting or just ending will be expensive. so my bet is that sour cherry is cheapest.

for vegetables: zucchini (meh), kohlrabi, lentils, sunflowers, c... (read more)

In English, capsicum is what makes hot peppers hot. The large peppers that aren't hot are called peppers, sweet peppers or bell peppers.

Hungary (southern plains, specifically, but it's a small enough country that it doesn't matter. My city is the one that gets an average of 2000 of sunlight a year, the highest in the country.). I noticed a while ago when strawberry prices stopped going down and started going up that strawberry season must be ending, but I didn't attach a date to this noticing in my mind, so when next year rolls around, I still won't know. (Though I remember they never went below 665 HUF/kg (about $3. I would've bought if they went down to 565. This information may or may n... (read more)

i've started crocheting semirecently. i actually started with "smoke less" in my mind. my first project is a hyperbolic möbius strip (directions: chain as many as you want, sc to end of chain, repeat for a few rows, crochet it together into a möbius strip, then continue sc increasing one every three stitches). perfect for mastering single crochet stich. Maybe I'll do the next with double crochet stitches to work on those. im slow at it and not very good yet, but that is because i am a newbie.

and i do have a ring to play with. i'll try to use it more. :)

Cool. I've heard of a few different funky math-objects that are crochetable. Gaussian planes ad other surfaces - even klein bottles - all on teh interwebs if you google, and surprisingly simple instructions (like your möbius strip).

This is true, but I've also read studies that within 24 hours of quitting smoking, there are already noticable health benefits and lowered risks of problems, which continue to get better the longer the time has elapsed. I'm not arguing that smoking between the ages of 15-18 & 20-27, as I have done, will have no effect, but if I quit while I'm still young -- I probably have a few years left where one way or the other won't matter too much -- then by the time I reach an age where heart disease, lung disease, cancer, stroke, etc. are more likely dangers f... (read more)

Just because quitting smoking will allow your body to heal some of the damage, doesn't mean it will allow your body to heal all of it, even in 10 or 20 years.

the fridge isn't mine -- came with the apartment. and it's a communist era fridge (complete with Russian labeled dials), so it probably dates back to before the wall came down. i have it on medium setting and will look at acquiring a thermoter to see if that means <5°C like it should or, something ridiculous like 10°C (i think i'd notice if it was warmer than that. it feels cold to me.)

I think the beans in question are just old beans. I add salt to taste at the end.

I love indian food amd I like lentils and beans. And lentils are supposed to be quicker to cook (I have some really old lentils. I should get newer ones. They aren't expensive.) The trick seems to be getting them soft but not mush. I used to cook indian more often, but I always made too much. It's amazing how much food one carrot, one onion, one tomato, and some lentils turns into.

I have some spices -- one year for my birthday, I told my mother to get me spices. And small quantities of spies are available quite cheaply - packets containing only a few grams... (read more)

I don't know what kind of lentils you're using, but green or French lentils become less mushy than red ones. (I happen to like them mushy, but if you don't...)

woah, that is so totally cool. Expensive -- more than a month's rent and utilities combined, but seriously cool.

Also, they sell them in my country -- even in my city, and the webpage says they have a promotion thing where you can borrow it for a night and then take it back the next day for free -- under the idea that a person would be sold on the idea and wouldnt want to go back to their old vacuum cleaner. So, basically, I could get my carpet cleaned for free, and then give it back. If the thing would clean it thoroughly (and I'd be willing to babysit it ... (read more)

I like that idea. Yes you could do it in a night. It'll seem frustrating if you watch it (because it ha a random walk algorithm)- so don't. Just let it do its thing and empty it every so often. It will clean your floor so thoroughly that you'll be surprised.

hm, that's interesting. That doesn't seem like something I could easily test for at home, but I may ask a doctor the next time I see one.

The symptoms I have are really weird... not like what I've seen in adverts about heartburn (no burning pain in the chest, no stomach pains), but they come after eating acidic foods, so I try to avoid those foods. After eating something like chili or pizza, I feel like there's something 'stuck' in my esophagus (the feeling is like when you swallow a pill, and it gets stuck on the way down), but there's nothing really there... (read more)

Here's a list of food pH values.
To test: obtain some HCL pills (they're pretty cheap). Have some regular, calcium type antiacid on hand when you're ready to experiment. Take an HCL with food that would typically give you symptoms. If you get massive heartburn within 20 minutes or so, then you do not need HCL (and take the antiacid to restore your stomach's pH to normal). If nothing happens or your symptoms are slightly better, then you probably do have low stomach acid. You can experiment further to find the correct dose. My understanding is that the valve that allows the contents of the stomach to proceed through the system is triggered by acidity in the stomach. Hence, if the stomach is not acidic enough, food will just hang out there-- and will still be plenty acidic to cause heartburn. Also, I understand that as people age, they produce less HCL. Generally, doctors will give people with those symptoms acid reducers, which will indeed fix the heartburn by lowing acid to almost nothing-- an undesirable state of affairs, as you lose some of the sterilization properties of the stomach. Since an acid reducer fixes the symptoms no matter the root cause, it's obviously a good thing to test it with some variation of the above method. Once again, I am not a doctor. I do recommend you go see a doctor if something about your body changes unexpectedly; there are less common and less harmless other things that can cause such symptoms. But I will also add that your description of the sensation is pretty much how I would describe it, esp. the "stuck" feeling. I also think the "alkaline foods" thing is probably mostly bogus. Everything above is my opinion, based off of reading lots of anecdotal data from lots of different places on the internet, plus someone I met IRL once. I'm sparing you the conspiracy theories as to why doctors don't generally seem to perform this test; I think it's pretty easy to explain as a failure of rationality. You can google around if you want to read those. Since I don't have t

We don't have Craigslist in Hungary, but we have a newspaper for classified ads that posts the ads online as well. I could search that to see if anyone's advertising something. My landlady has a steam cleaner and has said I can borrow it sometime.

I always take off my shoes at the door, but the cats get hairballs (I give them special treats to cut down on hairballs, which seems to help, but not 100%), and accidents happen, so some sort of shampoo might work.

I wrote a small program in PHP/MYSQL for keeping track of my migraines. You list what you ate that ... (read more)

Well, here's one solution that may solve a couple of your problems. Redo your migraine log such that you can have individual logins/tracking, then wrap a social community around it. Crowd source (to use a buzzword) your migraine issue and figure out a way to both help others and have others help you. There will be no simple way to analyze your data other than to sit down and look for patterns. Play with different ways of looking it it. Heck, it COULD be related to your not eating enough. Low blood sugar is one headache trigger (for me), and chronic low blood sugar plus smoking could EASILY be a problem. Looking down thread it very well could ALSO be a mold or other environmental issues. If you're planning on moving out of the country in a year or two, what is the possibility of you just going to live with your mom or sister until your visa/travel arrangements are fixed? This may alleviate your financial problems (you can always pay your mom/sister "rent" but it will be less than you are paying now), get you into a cleaner place (which might clear up some of your health issues) and get you to a point where you focus on quitting the smokes (which is about the toughest thing I've ever done, to include US Marine Corps boot camp and a year in Baghdad).
Maybe the problem was the stuff living on the mattress, rather than the mattress itself. And now it's grown back.

i think if i ate eggs once every 3 days ( to keep from getting tired of them. i tire easily of eggs) I could get through a carton (10 eggs) with time to spare before they expire.

milk: i've mostly switched to powdered milk (which i wont drink, but can use in cooking and it doesnt go bad). When I want drink milk, I've started to buy a half litre of it that I will drink as soon as I get home. The problem with UHT is that once I open it, I have to drink the whole litre in a couple days. I need to figure out what's wrong with my fridge. I was more using milk as... (read more)

About expiration dates: For many foods (not fresh meats though), these may not be actual expiration dates but generously calculated minimum shelf lives. For me at least, eggs and milk will stay good for weeks beyond their labels. Eggs are very versatile. Scrambled eggs can be combined with any number of spices, fried vegetables, milk, meats. Before I got into cooking this used to be a staple food of mine. You may also add eggs to soup, noodles, rice. If you are worried about expiry you can hardboil the otherwise uneaten eggs. These can be kept a long time and eaten alone, on bread, in salads. Another good source of protein with long shelf life may be parmesan, but perhaps too expensive. Hol Magyarországon élsz? Tanulok magyarul és megyek augusztusban Pécsen ;)

i'll look around. it sounds like a nice way of cooking.

some cheaper food is cheaper because it is about to expire and the store wants to make at least some profit off of it. other cheaper food is just cheap because it's cheaper to produce.

the dial on the fridge is labeled in Russian. My Russian is not very good (i can read most of the letters and get a basic idea of what i'm reading, but more than 50% of the words are unknown to me), but i can easily make out МИН "minimum", ВЬКЛ "medium", and МАКС "maximum" and have it set to medium. i have no idea what actual temperature this ref... (read more)

My Russian is pretty good... ВЬКЛ = выключить = turn off, not "medium". Why do you have a Russian fridge anyway??

oh, this is helpful information. I didn't realise there was a difference. It seems to be the latter case. Things are fine unopened until their expiration date. Things that are opened need to be used very quickly. There are things growing in certain dishes in the fridge (another problem I'm not really up to tackling) but I have had this problem since I moved into this apartment, even during long stretches of time when there were not things growing in the fridge (because I was using the fridge less -- wasn't cooking as much as didn't have leftovers). It does... (read more)

That's an idea. I'll look for some hydrogen peroxide next time I'm at a store.

I would love nothing better than to rip out this carpet. Even if there was nothing but concrete underneath it, I would gladly consider that infinitely better than this mess of crumbs, kitty litter that the cat kicked out of the box, cat hair, human hair, cat vomit, cigarette ash, dust, the microscopic creatures that feed on all of that, and their poo. It's an ugly orange colour that was fashionable when it was installed over 30 years ago. In some places, it's threadbare. It's a ... (read more)

This comment was really helpful to me. Thank you. Googling "toxic fungus" was sufficiently scary to get me out of "what is it about laundry that i'm just not understanding that caused this to happen" mode (answer: there is nothing about laundry that i don't "understand". i also have long been aware of what fungus is and what conditions foster its growth, but was unable to prevent those conditions from occuring because of health problems, which the fungus exacerbated), and made me realise the flaw in my: "wait till i'm feeling better and then deal with it" strategy.

drugs that don't help:

1) anything over the counter (aspirin, ibuprofin, acetomenicin (sp?), etc.) do not touch my pain levels.

2) coffee can lower my pain levels by a small amount, but i am sensitive to caffeine and use it sparingly.

3) i have some (expired) tramadol, which gave me rebound headaches, so i stopped taking it.

4) promethazine used to help a lot, but i think my body got used to it, and now it does nothing.

5) Quarelin (metamizol-sodium, caffeine, drotaverin-hidrochlorid), which is available here, but was taken off the market in most western countr... (read more)

I think I could hold some clean cotton underwear to my face as well, which helps when the kitty litter is stinky, though that would leave me one handed, so if i can find some, your solution will probably help.

These are good suggestions. I will try. I've made some progress (girlfriend talked me into running it a few times without opening the drum to touch the scary stuff, and the smell has gone down and the fungus has decreased) since the taking it out is the risky part (it can be fairly loud, but i mostly cant hear it if i close the door to the bathroom and also the one to the hallway), killing some of the fungus, even though i couldnt take it out today, was a useful activity that may buy me more time and will make it safer to handle the clothes when I am feeling well enough to either hang them out or put them in a large trash bag.

southern Hungary. A bit of a swim from the location listed in your profile, it seems. :)

I will try. I really did think there was some simple answer that I was missing that would enable me to do it on my own, like everyone does, but i wasn't accounting for the fact that the people who manage to stay on top of their laundry dont have disabling migraines.

I have a mother who lives very far away, who would spend money she didnt have to come help me if she knew, but I'd feel very guilty about the whole thing.

My best friend is currently at a summer camp like training thing for a new job and following that is moving to Budapest (2 hour train ride away) with her boyfriend (my other friend). So they're very busy right now and currently unavailable, and they've helped me out so much with other things in the past, that I dont want to be a burden on them. I'm ashamed of the condition of the apartment, but I know the... (read more)

8-hours to grow fungus on cooked food seems far too fast. I am not an expert on this. You should find an expert on this either here or in your local community to look at conditions in your apartment. My concern is that you may have fungus/mold elsewhere in your apartment (perhaps behind the dry-wall i.e. in the walls) or elsewhere, and that this fungus is releasing spores that're growing in your ramen. As a preliminary measure, I suggest improving the ventilation by keeping the windows open and maybe the front door to create a cross-breeze. Do you have access to a free medical expert like a doctor or clinic? I would go there as soon as possible and tell them about the fungus growing on your clothes, growing on your ramen after 8 hours, as well as your migraines and any other problems. They may be able to contact the correct authorities if there is a public health hazard. Once again, I am not an expert and have little direct knowledge about this; however, in all my experience living in very hot and humid climates I've never seen fungus grow on cooked food left out over 8 hours. I hope the other LWers here can provide better clarity into whether my concern is valid.

that's a really good idea. I will have to see where I can buy paper plates. Most places seem to only sell plastic, but they must be available somewhere. This would probably work for paper bowls as well, placed inside a regular one.

I will have a look at one of the health shops that sells protein powder to see what it costs, and will look online to see what I can slip it into without noticing the taste.

i am lukewarm on eggs. I like them enough to eat a few of them, and you can stir certain vegetables into them and add cheese if you have some and salt and pepper and they can taste nice, maybe every few days but then I have to get creative to use the last few eggs in the carton before they go off. if i make a concerted effort, I can eat a carton of 10 eggs in 3 batches spread over 9 days, and they do last longer than that. maybe I could make every day divisible by 3 egg day. Today's the 179th day of the year (well, now that it's 2am, it is), so if I went o... (read more)

In re carrying a heavy load: do you have a backpack? In re kale: I wouldn't say it tastes like cabbage, but when raw, it does have a flavor which is hard too describe but too bitter for some people. Squash and turnip can be baked. I can't remember whether you have an oven. What you describe about food is what I call poverty-based anorexia-- I've heard of one other case. I'd be surprised if there aren't a fairly large number of people who have it.
Websites explaining produce seasons totally exist. I don't know where you live, but I'm sure you can find the info. If you leave soapy water standing in your dishes, the soap should cut down on slime growing on them. Spinach is available canned! Get it that way and season doesn't matter. Kale is not like cabbage. It's a leafy green, sort of like turnip greens or mustard greens. Celeriac is good roasted and then put in soup. Find smaller roots of it, and when you cut the ugly off, cut a little deeper; if you don't put much in the soup besides celeriac you should be able to eat it in as little as two sittings. Turnips don't look anything like carrots; do you mean parsnips? Wikipedia says you can eat parsnips raw. Yellow squash comes small. I usually have it with fish, and use half of one in a meal; if I'm having only squash for a meal I can definitely eat a whole one. I like to slice them up thin and then roast them (line pan with foil, coat with olive oil, pop in the oven at 425º for 15-20 minutes). Leeks are not as much food as they look like. You can roast them (it's wise to parboil first though), or put them in soup. Broccoli is amazing roasted, in soup, or with pasta. Cauliflower is good in soups, curries, or casseroles. You really need to find out why your fridge won't let you keep leftovers for a normal amount of time and fix that; I can easily eat a batch of cream of cauliflower soup that contains an entire head of cauliflower over a few days, but if you can't keep soup around for a few days you may be in trouble. Cauliflower and broccoli are also edible raw, optionally with dip. Many but perhaps not most vegetables go well with others. My brain isn't generating a useful algorithm here but I can give you my best guess/experience regarding any combinations you think look likely. There is a lot of information available about substitutions online. I am an improvisational cook and can probably help you out if you're missing something for a recipe (I have
If you tell us where you are, one of us will almost certainly track this down. Most of us like researching things, and this sounds like a fun challenge. You should do the actual math to see how much you will (or won't) save by having a freezer - it might pay for itself quicker than you think. You don't have to get a full-sized refrigerator/freezer unit. I've seen small freezers here for less than $100 that would handle one person's food pretty well, and you might be able to get one for less than half that, secondhand. (Does Craigslist have listings in your area? How about freecycle?)

okay. that's a good idea. I put two into separate comments and then edited this one so it only contained the last one.

Things I really need to do but can't seem to make myself do them:

there are clothes rotting in my washing machine. I had a migraine and couldn't hang them up, and the migraine lasted about a week, and now there's fungus growing on them. I've read online that this can be fixed by washing them 3-4 times and then hanging them in the sun to dry. Adding vinegar to the washing machine can help. The washing machine is right next to the bathtub, and I can't bathe properly because the smell is overpowering and makes me dizzy and light headed.

1) I'm still sore and co... (read more)

I've sent an overview of your situation to all my friends who are doctors or training to be doctors. I will let you know their opinion. (I've also included information from your meat and vegetables post). I strongly suggest you do not wait for them to get back to me and consult with local experts as soon as possible. Also, if anyone in the LW community has medical training or knows someone who does who would be willing to offer an opinion on this, I encourage them to do so.
Move. It sounds like you're living in a toxic environment which is making you sick. Does that fit your experience (is your history of illness - migraines, etc. - concentrated in the time when you've been living in your current apartment)? So find a new place to live. And be careful what you bring - you don't want to bring the toxic stuff with you. As a trial run, you could try staying someplace else for a week or so to see if you feel better. Bring as little with you as possible (even the clothes you wear should be new/borrowed), and don't go back to your apartment at all during that time.
Re: vacuuming when you are physically unable. I strongly recommend an iRobot vacuum cleaner (roomba). It will vacuum for you. By the sound of it, your carpet is badly ingrained with dirt, so the vacuum will not get it all out in one day - but if you set it to vacuum every day (which few humans would normally do voluntarily, but the roomba doesn't mind) it is highly likely that over time it will improve until "clean" it a normal state for it.
Watch some episodes of "hoarders". Just a few should provide enough motivation to implement the suggestions of others...
As others have mentioned get help. If you have no friends who can do it look on Craigslist for someone who cleans houses. Explain the situation to them and have them bring their steam cleaner. While the clothes are washing have them steam clean your carpets at least twice. Then when you get done paying this off, go get a good vacuum cleaner, and if you are the sort of person who's always tracking in dirt (I am) get a cheap carpet shampooer. Also--have to comment--the migraine thing really should be your focus. My wife gets these and absolutely refuses to do the food/activity diary thing, is horrible about exercise and the rest. Fortunately for her she only has them for a day or two about once a month.
You could use hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine bleach. It's not as effective as a disinfectant but it's odorless, cheap, and probably a lot more effective than vinegar. If you get 3% concentration (the most common) you'll probably need to pour a whole bottle over the clothes, then wait an hour or two. Depending on what's underneath the carpet, you could consider just removing it.

There are clothes rotting in my washing machine. I had a migraine and couldn't hang them up, and the migraine lasted about a week, and now there's fungus growing on them. I've read online that this can be fixed by washing them 3-4 times and then hanging them in the sun to dry. Adding vinegar to the washing machine can help. The washing machine is right next to the bathtub, and I can't bathe properly because the smell is overpowering and makes me dizzy and light headed.

Do not fuck around with possibly-toxic fungus. The fact that the fumes have immediate ... (read more)

On 2: What kind of drugs are we talking about that don't help? If you haven't tried triptans, that could be a thing.
For the unnumbered reason of potentially getting another migraine by having to do the laundry, and just in general to get past this rut/problem: Ask a friend or family member for assistance with the task. Alternately, offer someone money to do your laundry (an amount less than the cost of replacing the clothes). For 4 specifically, maybe try wearing gloves (dishwashing gloves or latex gloves) to avoid touching the mold/fungus directly.

More information about your situation might be useful here. My first suggestion is to see if you can find someone local to help you with it (friends, family), but that seems like an obvious enough solution that I expect that if it were that simple you'd have done it already. So, what resources do you have available?

I don't eat enough vegetables or protein.

1) Vegetables and meat are expensive and are generally not in my budget.

2) I don't like the way I feel after eating meat. I find my thoughts are slower and my stomach feels slightly queasy.

3) Beans take forever to cook. Even if I soak them overnight. Canned beans are expensive.

4) When I buy food, I tend to try to eat as little of it as possible to make it last longer. When I do this with vegetables, they go off and have to be thrown away. But it's so hard to make myself eat now when I could eat later. I know that I'... (read more)

A handheld steam cleaner like this can remove food from dishes with almost no effort, and costs a lot less than a dishwasher.
If your beans are taking forever to cook, are you adding salt? Adding salt will keep beans hard -- wait to add it until the beans are fully cooked. Also, I second the suggestion to either make your fridge colder, or replace it.
Specifically regarding protein: You are probably underestimating how much protein is in many foods. Here is a brief list of foods which, if you got all of your calories from them, would give you enough protein: * Any sort of bean, including fast cooking beans such as lentils, lima beans, and peas. * Most nuts * Many dark green vegetables (e.g spinach, kale, broccoli, green cabbage) * Bread. Yes, really - there's lots of gluten in there. * Pasta. Again, lots of gluten. * Potatoes, so long as you eat the skins. Get red ones, they're easier to clean and the skins are more tender. * Quinoa (a grain). Brown rice is close, but not quite there. So you should not worry about eating meat, it's unnecessary. One specific dish you should consider is dal. Cooked lentils with spices. Popular in India. Lots of other things you can throw in, too, including onion, tomato, garlic. carrots, and corn. In small quantities the tomato and onion should be less likely to cause heartburn. To keep the cost of the spices down, buy from the bulk section - it can be as little as 1/10 the price of bottled spices, and you can get only however much you need. Dried lentils and spices keep for quite a long time, and it only takes 45min to prepare, in one pot (or two if you make a tarka). When you store vegetables in the fridge, do you keep them in plastic bags? I find that helps for many green veggies in particular. I just use the bags I get them in from the store or my farmshare. Consider shopping more like a European - buy fresh ingredients every day or every other day instead of doing one big shopping trip once a week. This will minimize your food spoilage problems. I agree with everyone else that you should check that your fridge is functioning properly. Measure the temperature. It should be between 33 and 38 degrees F. Above 38 and I'd expect fairly high rates of spoilage.
Based on #2 and #5, if I were you I would experiment to see if you have hypochlorhydria ( Symptoms are (ironically) basically the same as GERD. (Note: I'm not a doctor!)
10) eggs: can be kept uncooled for a while, very long shelf life hard-boiled, easy to prepare in small portions. milk: do you get UHT milk? It has an uncooled shelf life of months and tends to be cheaper than fresher variants. meat: consider smoked or dried meats (bacon, salami). pasta: reasonably easy to prepare in smaller portions Out of interest, where do you live that cigarettes are so much cheaper than food? One pack of cigerattes here (Germany) will buy me 2 days worth of (cheap) food.

most ingredients for cooking don't keep for more than a day or two, even in the fridge. milk, bread, veggies, leftovers, they all go bad

If milk goes bad after a day or two no matter when you open it, you might have a malfunctioning refrigerator.

If milk is OK until a day or two after you open it, you might have a dangerously elevated level of airborne microorganisms.

  1. Get protein from non-meat sources. Consider, in particular, eggs. Monitor the sales at your grocer of choice; if they have a free loyalty program fill out their form and take their junk mail to get in on that.

  2. See above

  3. Buy canned beans in large amounts when they are on sale. Or, consider trying to make a deal with a friend or neighbor where you split batches of beans and only have to do cooking some of the time.

  4. This should admit of self-modification. If you know your food will go off if not eaten, there is no waste or "not lasting longer&quo

... (read more)

Fair enough.

I have textural issues too although mine seem to have different triggers than yours. But it influences what foods I can eat (nothing squidgy, which might be a made up word, but it means mushrooms and anything else that feels like i'm eating a condom), what clothes I can wear (i can only wear nylon tights if i wear thick white socks underneath), even what kind of books I can read (smooth textures are the worst for me, my hands break out in sweat and i get a fight or flight response). i've used cotton gloves before to soak up some of the sweat fr... (read more)

Seconded. The good kind of stretching is about teaching your muscles to relax (i.e. lengthen) on demand. When you feel pain that means you are putting strain on your connective tissue instead. This can lengthen the tissue over time but that's not good for most people.

I should stop smoking.

1) I am addicted to nicotine.

2) Nicotine patches are expensive, cigarettes are very cheap.

3) cigarettes supress my appetite and they are cheaper than food. I can smoke 25 cigarettes for the cost of a loaf of bread. it takes me more than a day to smoke that many. if i want to buy things to put on the loaf of bread, we're up to about 3-4 days worth of cigarettes.

4) if i quit smoking i would have more money for food, but not so much more as to make a huge difference.

5) smoking is my only vice and my only luxury.

6) I currently have a 0% c... (read more)

If you want to use it as a nootropic, unflavored nicotine is pretty cheap. For example, you can get 60 ml at 25 mg/ml for 8.75 plus shipping. Only about 1mg is absorbed from a typical cigarette due to combustion, so this is the equivalent of 1500 cigarettes.
Agreed, Cigarette smoking is usually a frequency habit. For arguments sake, a pack a day is 20 cigarettes in the 16 hours you are awake, that means the smell/taste/sight is always around. 1) Nicotine, while addictive is nowhere near as addictive as the other chemicals put into cigarettes to keep them burning. I smoked cigarettes for 3 years before picking up cigars. While it would take a research team to find what is in a cigarette, I can tell you what is in my cigars, aged tobacco leaves. I smoked less and less cigarettes as time went on (about 3 weeks). I have been without cigarettes for a year and currently smoke cigars once to twice a week. 2) Cigars, while some can be stupidly expensive, are relatively cheap. One of my favorite cigars is about $5 a stick, at 3 sticks, that's $15 a week. I am sure that is cheaper than your current cost. You can also find "mistakes" for as low as $1.(I do realize that is my current cost, and while weening myself off of cigarettes, it was more expensive.) 3) I thought that as well, though I found that once I proved to myself that I had willpower to quit cigarettes, it was much easier to maintain, and even lose weight. 4) Don't spend more on food if you don't need more, put it towards savings. 5) I love smoking cigars. Sitting down after a long day with your favorite drink and a cigar is incredibly relaxing. The best part is, it is not addicting. I have gone weeks without needing to smoke. 6) I think this is an excellent alternative. It makes smoking a true luxury, not an addiction. When the time comes, you can stop for 9 months and pick it back up if you want to, not because you need to. 7) The human body is incredibly resilient. Although, anything in excess will destroy it. 20 cigarettes in a 16 hour period for 10 years, killer. 150 cigars a year (slightly more than the number of cigarettes consumed in a week) is not excess. While I can't say it is helping my health, I can say I am still able to hike, climb, run and swim.
Have you considered electronic cigarettes?
Sounds like you need more luxuries :D One of the things my brother did near the end of when he smoked and during while he was quitting was getting into really good scotch. He'd take a little glass of very expensive scotch and nurse it for an hour or so.
chew on the end of your pen. of get a ring and twirl it around your finger. or take up knitting or some other hand-crafty activity to quell your fidget-cravings (which I get too).

7) i'm in my mid 20s, so the health risks aren't looming large yet. i can quit later.

Um - I'm afraid I have to tell you that "later health effects" are not caused by smoking later in life. They are caused by smoking early in life... and then getting older (whether or not you quit).

You can improve your chance of recovering from the damage you are doing by quitting right now.

As a frequent health-campaign in Aus tells us "every cigarette is causing you damage"

Switch to chewing tobacco. It's less harmful*. Also, it's much more disgusting, so you will have more motivation to quit. [*] IIRC from when I read about it years ago. Do your own research.
I think you should put separate things into separate comments so the threading makes more sense.

If you don't like water, but like lemonade (or some other drink that can be served chilled and isn't too expensive), filling a water bottle with it can be nice. If it's too sweet, it'll make you thirsty, but watering it down fixes that. I tend to add just enough syrup/juice/whatever to water to make water palatable. (i dont like water either).

i know a person who has a medical condition that gets worse with exercise. they have to avoid it as much as possible because they can feel poorly for weeks afterwards (even moderate amounts of exercise, like walking t... (read more)

I do like lemonade, but I can only water it down a little before it starts tasting like water. Deodorant does not work well enough and is not properly applied to all relevant locations. I have textural issues with sunscreen, and don't like the directed warmth and brightness of the sun even through it. (I walk outside on a sunny day and it's like I can feel myself crisping up. Or steaming if it's humid.) Hats worsen the sweat problem on the scalp. Skating is unkind to my ankles; skates cost money. Bikes cost money and I don't trust myself to bike safely in traffic. Helmets worsen the sweat problem on the scalp. I take stairs when they're handy most of the time. I don't like the texture my clothes have when they are hung dry. (I know this because sometimes I get a broken dryer and then strew my clothes around my room to dry rather than spending more quarters.) I do mean to learn to bake bread, but can't regularly count on being able to knead it; I routinely have small wounds on my fingers. (Don't say gloves. No form of glove I am aware of both lacks texture issues for me and would be okay to knead bread with.) Audio books have been mentioned. Cans of beans: interesting. May try that and see if it generates noticeable amounts of sweat. Yoga is physically painful to me in ways I am fairly sure are not supposed to happen.

I suppose, then, that the most utility could be gained by donating time to local projects in your area of interest -- tutoring kids, red cross, what have you, and money to global projects. It doesn't take a lot of expertise to send $10 to starving kids in Africa, or what have you. You decide that Sub-Saharan Africa is a place where your money will probably go a lot farther than most other places, you google around for some charities, then do a little background research, and send in your money.

But with donating time, where you're doing something physically, you're going to generate a lot more utility by doing something you already know something about than by something you'd have to learn from scratch.

I think using hyperlinks in some of the horoscopes would be useful.

Thanks for explanation about the one I didn't understand. You're right that I could've easily missed it. I did originally assume it was a litterbox cleanliness problem, but I very early on I noticed that I'd clean the litter box, and then within an hour, the cat would go in it, pee, bury it, hop onto the chair, and poo right in front of me. I've been reinforcing "not on the chair" with a fan pointed at the chair. The cat hates the fan, but apparently there are too many other place... (read more)

I think it would be useful to be able to rate a horoscope "confusing." This wouldn't be a numerical rating that got averaged in, but a separate tally. Then now and then you could look at what is most frequently rated "confusing" and see if it's an issue of jargon or if it's just too vague. They need to be vague enough to apply to a broad scale of people but not so vague that they stop applying.

For example, today I rated yesterday's horoscope as "not useful" because I spent the entire day trying to figure out what it meant, how... (read more)

This might be worth implementing. Even if it is an issue of jargon or some other situation where explaining the idea within the horoscope would take too long, it's possible to include links to external resources in the horoscopes, so external explanations can be written and linked to. The assumption there is that most people ask questions and pursue answers to them as part of trying to reach larger goals, and that it's common for people to skip steps in figuring out what strategies to pursue, often without noticing that they've done so. For example, in your cat situation, if you'd unintentionally assumed that it had to be a litterbox cleanliness issue, and only asked 'how often do I have to clean the litterbox to get the cat to use it', you might have missed the less traditional but easier solution altogether. In that case, being reminded to back up and ask whether 'how often do I need to clean the litterbox' was a good question would hopefully be useful. (I should probably re-word that one anyway to mention goals, though.)