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Zombies: The Movie

Laughed VERY loud here. And the zombie nurses picture was priceless. Big fan of Silent Hill here, as my nickname can attest...


And there goes Caledonian again, completely misrepresenting Eliezer's claims.

His arguments are completely baseless. Of course it would be very, very, very hard to make a QM model of an airplane, and attempting it now would fail miserably - Eliezer wouldn't dispute that.

But to say that a full-fledged QM model would be guaranteed to be less accurate than current models is downright preposterous.

Typicality and Asymmetrical Similarity

Caledonian's comments are increasingly annoying/irrelevant, taking cheap shots against Eliezer's posts and adding no useful information. There should be a way to filter his trollish comments.

Lost Purposes

Wow, Caledonian's comments are absolutely the worst...

Thou Art Godshatter

That still doesn't explain why Eliezer has been using the expression "high-falutin'" so much. Is it from some recently read book, perhaps?