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Great post. Based on these ideas I've created a PR that adds a "kill switch" to Auto-GPT. I've written up some stuff about potential llm based worms might work here:

Obviously this is a good idea. The longer-term challenge is creating an autoGPT that won't notice the kill switch and remove it, will add in cascading kill-switches to agents it produces and their progeny (IE, all descendants should notice when their parent has been kill-switched and kill-switch in response), and other related cautions. 

I did a strange experiment once, I implemented a markov predictor like this and used it to predict the next bit of a sequence. Then I extended the sequence with the negation of that bit an increased the length of the markov chain. The result was a very random unpredictable looking sequence, but of course it was completely deterministic. I wonder if this sequence has a name?

Your childhood dislike of asymmetry led you to invent the Thue–Morse sequence?!

I would recommend Lawvere's book Sets for mathematics to anybody who is interested in learning some mathematics. It's a beginner book but it covers interesting category theoretical stuff you wont find in any other beginner book.