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Speaking as someone who's been on hormones for 4 years and considered myself trans for 5, this is probably the majority of detransitions (insofar as they can be considered "de"). Many of my friends have detransitioned without any regret for taking hormones (or continued hormones but decided to socially detransition, etc), and they usually remain fairly integrated with trans friends, having enough trans experience to "get it" and be an honorary trans no matter what. Like OP said, cultural integration is pretty sufficient to remain in trans communities even ... (read more)

This is a very good post and nearly all the replies here are illustrating the exact issue that Bob has, which is an inability to engage in the dialectic between these two perspectives without indignation as a defense against guilt.

Most people, including myself, are more Bob than Alice, but I've had a much easier time integrating my inner Alice and engaging with Alices I meet because I rarely, if ever, feel guilt about anything. Strong guilt increases the anticipated costs of positive self-change, and makes people strengthen defense mechanisms that boil dow... (read more)

5Said Achmiz5mo
It seems like you see only two possibilities: either (a) agreeing with Alice, or (b) secretly agreeing with Alice and feeling guilty about it. Do you not see any possibility of disagreeing with Alice? Thinking that she’s just wrong? Do you see no possibility of someone thinking that the change in question is actually negative, not positive? Sincerely believing that one doesn’t owe anyone anything (or, at least, that one doesn’t owe the sorts of things that the Alices of the world claim that we owe), without guilt?

Thanks for the review! I remember your last post.

I'm definitely a Camp 2 person, though I have several Camp 1 beliefs. Consciousness pretty obviously has to be physical, and it seems likely that it's evolved. I'm in a perpetual state of aporia trying to reconcile this with Camp 2 intuitions. Treating my own directly-apprehensible experience as fictional worldbuilding seems nonsensical, as any outside evidence is going to be running through that experience, and without a root of trust in my own experiences there's no way out of Cartesian doubt.

Probably rele... (read more)

5Rafael Harth5mo
I wouldn't call those Camp #1 beliefs. It's true that virtually all of Camp #1 would agree with this, but plenty of Camp #2 does as well. Like, you can accept physicalism and be Camp #2, deny physicalism and be Camp #2, or accept physicalism and be Camp #1 -- those are basically the three options, and you seem to be in the first group. Especially based on your second-last paragraph, I think it's quite clear that you conceptually separate consciousness from the processes that exhibit it. I don't think you'll ever find a home with Camp #1 explanations. I briefly mentioned in the post that the way Dennett frames the issue is a bit disingenuous since the Cartesian Theater has a bunch of associations that Camp #2 people don't have to hold. Being a physicalist and Camp #2 of course leaves you with not having any satisfying answer for how consciousness works. That's just the state of things. The synesthesia thing is super interesting. I'd love to know how strong the correlation is between having this condition, even if mild, and being Camp #2.