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The Fun Theory Sequence

Most religions believe that the escape option is reversible - otherwise there wouldn't be much point.

Belief as Attire

I suspect that the Muslim hijackers, in a strange way, thought they were maximizing human happiness by removing Americans from the world.

3RichardKennaway10yI think it more likely they thought they were doing the will of Allah. Happiness? Happiness is for pigs.
Argument Screens Off Authority

I haven't done any studies, but I have a feeling that people attend to authority when it supports their natural biases, and ignore authority when it opposes their natural biases.

The Robbers Cave Experiment

Well then, let's take some adults to summer camp!

Are Your Enemies Innately Evil?

This post needs to be air-dropped over the world's ten largest metropolitan areas. Actually, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality needs to be air-dropped, with translations where necessary, because it contains the same truths but is more entertaining. I think the same arguements apply to labeling your enemies as insane mutants, which is a somewhat gentler, more politically correct way of demonizing them. We tend to assume that the enemy is insane because we could not imagine doing such a thing, and are therefore Surprised by Reality. It might make sense to update our idea of "sanity."

3[anonymous]10yNot many people would want to read such a long book in large metropolitan areas (where people tend to be very busy). And this Cracked article [] also makes the same point (in Section 1 -- they're numbered backwards; and the other sections also cover topics which were covered in the Sequences).