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The Amanda Knox Test: How an Hour on the Internet Beats a Year in the Courtroom

Two more tidbits re: Kokomani (from

To give you an example of how absurd it got, Kokomani said that when Amanda was yelling at him, he noticed a wide gap between her front teeth. So the judge asked Amanda to smile, and she did. There is no gap between her front teeth.

Nor could Kokomani have had a beer with Amanda and her Italian uncle in July of last year, as he claimed in court, because Amanda was not in Italy at that time and she does not have an Italian uncle.

The Amanda Knox Test: How an Hour on the Internet Beats a Year in the Courtroom

You're absolutely correct. Not only that, but the Luminol footprints specifically tested NEGATIVE for the presence of blood. Every single one of them.

"If Luminol is used it can destroy important properties of the blood. While it can detect even small amounts of blood, the disadvantage is often that the small amount identified is diluted further by the Luminol solution. For these reasons, Luminol is encouraged to be used as a last resort in crime scene investigations to protect the physical evidence." Read more at Suite101: Luminol - Chemiluminescent Blood Detector: Forensic Investigators' Essential Tool for Crime Scene Investigation | []
The Amanda Knox Test: How an Hour on the Internet Beats a Year in the Courtroom

"little effort was taken to remove evidence against Guede himself, even very obvious things like flushing the toilet."

The assumption here is that Knox and Sollecito carefully removed their DNA, but did not remove Guede's. Isn't the more rational explanation for all of the evidence against Guede, and the lack of evidence against K&S, that Guede did it and K&S weren't even there, as they have always claimed, and as Guede claimed no less than 5 times?

Further, there's a lot of supposition about a "clean-up" floating around on the we... (read more)

The idea of a staged break in is unsubstantiated. There is a broken window. Mignini added the interpretation without evidence of such a thing. The two shards on top of the bed turned out to be polka dots on a piece of clothing.
The Amanda Knox Test: How an Hour on the Internet Beats a Year in the Courtroom

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the response.

Regarding the bleach, no evidence was ever presented that anything had been bleached. This story took on a life of it's own after the phony receipts story began circulating. I believe the Judge blocked at least one officer from testifying that he smelled bleach, and was only allowed to say that Sollecito's apartment smelled "clean," because the bleach smell was not listed in the initial report, and was added later, after the false reports about the receipts.

Despite the deference True Justice shows for every bit of ... (read more)

You seem to be privy to a lot of information that I'm not, were you at the trial, or otherwise have better knowledge that the sourced information on the internet? Or is it from reading the 100-page Judge's report of the Guede case? I haven't heard before many of the things you've mentioned in your previous post. Also, some of the things seem to contradict what I've quoted above, a lot coming from the translation of Judge's summary. For example: * " I believe the Judge blocked at least one officer from testifying that he smelled bleach" * The specific details of Kokamani's testimony. * Information like " At various points, the prosecution said it was Knox's, then Guede's, then Sollecito's". * The papers on friendsofamandaknox don't give any sources. How do we know the information is good? I'm sure we could level the same criticism to, but many of the details they have linked to outside sources. * That the mixed DNA can easily be explained away, and DNA can be easily contaminated (there are various expert witnesses at the Guede trial who state otherwise) * That the bra clasp contained DNA of 3 other people. * "it doesn't appear there is any glass on top of the clothes", this contradicts what I've read from the Judge's report. You then go on to explain how glass could have got on top of the clothes (filomena allowed back in to the room), so I'm not sure which you are stating? * Regarding the Daily Mail story - as other posters have mentioned, the Daily Mail certainly isn't a reliable news source, unfortunately. And in general, even a well respected media source alone probably isn't good enough as a source, given how misreported the case has been (like the bleach receipt, the 14-hour interrogation, etc) So again, I'm still not sure the summary of the Judge's document on the Guede case should be considered reliable, do you doub
The Amanda Knox Test: How an Hour on the Internet Beats a Year in the Courtroom

Everyone should be aware that there are numerous errors on truejustice, and you should double check anything on there for confirmation before treating it as reliable.

The Amanda Knox Test: How an Hour on the Internet Beats a Year in the Courtroom

And let's not forget that after he fled to Germany, Guede made a phone call using his Skype account and said Knox was not at the house that night (he didn't say anything about Sollecito, has he had never even met him and didn't know what he looked like). Even after police pressured Guede to put Knox at the house, he did not. Until weeks later, when he finally changed his story and said Knox was there and had argued with Kercher about money.

Plus, if you read Rudy's journal, you will come across red signals all over the place. He wrote that his "hands were full of blood", etc. He describes the scene as if he is in the midst of it, complete with wales (or statements, if your prefer, but it was dramatic) of guilt and remorse and recollections of his unstable childhood. The only question is why didn't the prosecution zero in on (all) the blaring red signals regarding Rudy, and rather become hyper-focused on inconsequential faint glimmers of signals that were actually his own "psychological noise", ie reading into the situation (of Amanda and Raffaele) using inductive logic, rather than deducing from the evidence? He doesn't have any of the same obsession about or engage in name-calling of Rudy, at all. Yet, look at the swamp related to Rudy. Something is amiss.
The Amanda Knox Test: How an Hour on the Internet Beats a Year in the Courtroom

That may be true, but many cases of wrongful conviction involve multiple innocent defendants. The Norfolk Four is a perfect example. At one point the police suspected SEVEN men of the attack, even though the coroner said there was only evidence of an attack by one person. In the end, it turned out one person, a known rapist, had committed the crime, but not before four of the innocent served over a decade in prison.

For those who criticize Knox pointing the finger at Lumumba, again, look at the Norfolk Four case where the first suspect, innocent, wrongfully... (read more)

The Amanda Knox Test: How an Hour on the Internet Beats a Year in the Courtroom

And let's not forget, that many stranger-on-stranger rapes are burglaries and crimes of opportunity.

The Amanda Knox Test: How an Hour on the Internet Beats a Year in the Courtroom

Sorry, my post contained an error. It was three burglaries in five weeks, not one week.

This is from an article at the Daily Mail entitled "Amanda Knox: The Troubling Doubts Over Foxy Knoxy's Role in Meredith Kercher's Murder."

Here's the link:

And the pertinent text from the article:

On September 27, 2007 - five weeks before the killing - Perugia bar tender Cristian Tramantano heard a noise downstairs in his home and found ... (read more)

I read three in the week leading up to the murder, as well. I should recheck that. But it is confirmed that he traveled with a 16 inch knife "for protection" and that he had various run-ins resulting in complaints to police that were ignored by the police.
The Daily Mail is a British tabloid... frequently posting completely fraudulent information about football players, for example... check your sources friend...
The Amanda Knox Test: How an Hour on the Internet Beats a Year in the Courtroom

Hi Nick, While I appreciate that you don't seem to be one of the irrational Knox haters, your comments about the evidence contain a couple of errors, and the one that don't leave out some important facts which cast doubt on almost every single claim.

-Yes, Knox's DNA was founded mingled with Kercher's, but almost all of it was in the bathroom they shared. It would've been almost impossible NOT to find a few instances of their DNA mixed in such a small place, and a place where humans shed copious amounts of hair and skin cells, and even blood (shaving cuts, ... (read more)

Thanks for taking your time with your thoughtful and detailed response. I will go through each point in turn below. It's worth mentioning now that I don't actually mean to argue for or against the conviction specifically; rather I feel the prosecution case is significantly stronger than US media has generally reported. Also I'm neither a lawyer, phorensic scientist or logician, so I apologize in advance for any technical mistakes. I'm just trying to assess the information myself that's available on the internet and come to an informed opinion. Certainly some of the evidence appears flawed: the bra clasp, the alleged murder weapon, the eye witness. But we do know that the Judge, and a panel of 19 legal experts, admitted these as evidence. I can't really comment on whether the blood trace on the knife, for example, is sufficient enough to admit the evidence; similarly whether the bra clasp can become contaminated. But the evidence was admitted, and strongly contested, consider and eventually accepted by the panel and the jury. * The DNA evidence: Firstly, I think the important point is that 4 blood samples from the bathroom were found with mixed Knox-Kercher DNA. From " Yes, it does seem that the investigative methods were sloppy and not all samples may be reliable (I acknowledge that there are some problems with the prosecution’s case). But I have yet to read even one article where a reputable DNA expert can explain why sloppy police procedures would result in four separate mixed blood samples". * Also this site ( [] ), reporting on the Forensic biologist Patrizia Stefanoni testifying for 9 hours on the stand, notes "But perhaps more damning even than the knife was Stefanoni’s testimony that a mix of Knox’s DNA and Kercher’s blood was f
Jeeze, how did I miss that. Do you have a link? Edit: Also. New people! Welcome.