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2015 Repository Reruns - Boring Advice Repository

I usually Notepad the reply and set an iPhone timer to remember sending. It's enough to chill out.

2015 Repository Reruns - Boring Advice Repository

Don't use it for people you care about. I've wrecked a potential date because he found out I've used Boomerang to fake indifference. It’s quite easy to figure out the email was sent through Boomerang and even how much delay youset. It's better to be "honest" or let it cool in Drafts.

0Gunnar_Zarncke7ySleeping over an important mail (or letter) is a good idea in general.
2[anonymous]7yIs it just me or is the fact that indifference faking in dating is so widespread and necessary kind of ridiculous and suboptimal? Sometimes it feels like "dating skill" consists largely of knowing how to play it just the right amount of cool.
Programming-like activities?

As a first idea that popped into your head that's not so bad. You can practice at home first.

Productivity poll: how frequently do you think you *should* check email?

You can use GMail to set a filter for important messages.

Important messages should be handled shortly or you can get in trouble with your boss, bf, etc.