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1JohnGreer4moYes, definitely. I think rare elements are some of the safest bets.
2Viliam10moVentilation also helps to reduce the density of viral particles in the air, making infection less likely. This is easier during summer than during winter, though.
1RedMan1yInstead of uploading humans to create a large mess of AIs, let's connect humans together as soon as it's safe to do so (maybe at first only the elderly and bedridden, eventually anyone who can wear a hat) then add machines and maybe even animals (sup elephants and dolphins) to create a single gigantic worldbrain. As computer simulations of brain tissue get better, the AI will go from being mostly human to mostly artificial. The death of a fully integrated human body wouldn't cause an interruption in that human's consciousness, because most of it would be distributed across the entire worldbrain. I believe that extant technology could be used to do this and actually wrote up a technical proposal that I didn't disseminate (it wasn't great and I didn't see anyone being persuaded by it so I trashed it). The technical risk is mostly in testing and some assumptions about the way the brain works that I view as 'plausible' given the state of the art, but far from 'proven'
1Nacruno961yWhere do you have the number 0,005 % from ?