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One Chance (a short flash game)

Hmmm... On the day the suicide happens, I'm pretty sure the door to the lab is locked.

One Chance (a short flash game)

It appears I saved myself and my daughter, but everybody else died. Reading the reviews by NG, it sounds like this is the best possible outcome in the game?

Is the point to get us to think about our priorities?

1HonoreDB11ySame here, but I suspect there's a better outcome where you don't go up to the roof and witness the suicide, and therefore get to spend one extra day in the lab. I doubt there are many players who deliberately skip work.
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 6

In his author's notes, Eliezer said that MoR was the 5th or 6th most reviewed HP fanfic (or something like that). How does he know? Is there a list of top-reviewed fanfics somewhere?

2Eneasz11yWell, he specifies "on". This isn't a definitive answer, but it's a start: []
Should LW have a public censorship policy?

Of course, if you put something like that in the FAQ or about page, right there for eager new members to read, a lot of them are bound to go looking for it. Forbidden knowledge is tantalizing.

9fubarobfusco11yAs an eager new member who did exactly that, I have to say I don't see what the big fuss is about. It seems to be one big case of privileging the hypothesis.
How To Lose 100 Karma In 6 Hours -- What Just Happened

This is an excellent cautionary tale about being careful what you precommit to.

Cheat codes

I suspect the major benefit of finishing NaNoWriMo is realizing that writing a novel is actually possible, for you. That it's not some impossibly huge and daunting project that you could never really pull off--you can do it in a month, even.

Where are other places to meet rationality-minded people?

The Straight Dope forums are good, and sometimes a better place than LW for settling fact-based questions.

Psychopathy and the Wason Selection Task

The original paper is available ungated here. (Found on the author's website.)

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 5

Personally, I found it very useful when Eliezer posted when we could expect the next update in his author's notes. The RSS feed is cool but doesn't seem to update right away, so I still find myself checking compulsively so I can read the new chapter the moment is goes up.

2JoshuaZ11yIf you get an account on ff you can set it up to email you when the story updates.
Voting is not rational (usually.)

Is the question of whether to vote really a "political issue" in the same Blues vs Greens way that, say, abortion or gun control is?

0Oscar_Cunningham11yDefinitely, though perhaps to a lesser extent. I think it still fulfils all the criteria that lead to mind-killingness. ETA: Time will tell.
A brief guide to not getting downvoted

I may have misinterpreted your post, but it doesn't appear to add anything to what is already covered in the Sequences, the About page, and FAQ (

5JoshuaZ11yThis leads to so many ideas about post-apocalyptic scifi stories.
1RowanE11yIf anything's worth the application of military force to acheive, it's a positive singularity. Of course, there probably isn't anything you could do with a militia to help implement a positive singularity...
A suggestion on how to get people to read the Sequences

A couple months ago I spent a weekend tossing together a webapp to do exactly this. Didn't completely finish it because I was worried about copyright.

3DanielVarga11yHow is copyright relevant here?