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I reckon it's fine, especially if you provide the source.

Technological Unemployment

Overlapping but they still feel like different concepts or something.

Project Announcement

To me, "update" feels distinctly like it applies to existing things, so that excludes many announcements, which are of new things. It kind of seems like announcements is the broader category.

It leaves me thinking the ideal tag is Project/Org Announcements & Updates


I have converted it to wiki-only now.

Introduction To Lesswrong Subculture

Hey, sorry that you came across this instead of the current welcome/about page. I agree with much of your feedback here, glad the Welcome/About page does meet the need.

I added a note to this page saying it was written in 2015 (by one particular user, as you'll see in the history). So we've got it for historical reasons, but I also wouldn't use it as an intro.

Internal Family Systems

But I think it'd be bad to have the pages be duplicates of each other, so possibly this should be wiki-only but have in the text description mention posts explicitly about IFS. (I'm not sure the currently tagged ones meet that?) I'm not sure.

Internal Family Systems

While about subagents, Internal Family Systems is the name for a particular kind of psychotherapy, so I think it makes sense for it to have its own page (that links and references subagents). 

4Kaj_Sotala6dYeah, subagents is the general idea of modeling the mind in terms of independent agents, but IFS is a more specific theory of what kinds of subagents there are. E.g. my sequence has a post about understanding System 1 and System 2 in terms of subagents, while IFS doesn't really have anything to say about that.
2Ruby10dBut I think it'd be bad to have the pages be duplicates of each other, so possibly this should be wiki-only but have in the text description mention posts explicitly about IFS. (I'm not sure the currently tagged ones meet that?) I'm not sure.
Rationality Verification

I have now converted this page to be also tag, and not just a wiki. It should work now.

2Raemon2moNote that I think this tag: [] Was originally called rationality verification, and then felt too narrow and I changed it something broader, and maybe we should have an explicit rationality-verification tag but I expect at least the current version to be a bit redundant.
1Yoav Ravid2moThanks Ruby!
LessWrong FAQ

Oh, I'm terribly sorry. The FAQ has gotten a bit out of date and is due for an update. Since it was written, the frontpage been changed. Curated posts are now the first few posts listed in the "Latest" section, the ones that have stars to the left of their titles.

Sorry for the confusion!

1Grays Boron2moOK, thanks :-)
Adding Up to Normality

Yeah, we should fix that.

Rationality Verification

Nope, didn't show up in Recent Discussion.

Rationality Verification

Huh, I was able to apply the tag flag. Let's see if this shows up in recent discussion.

2riceissa2moI'm unable to apply this tag to posts (this tag doesn't show up when I search to add a tag).
2Ruby2moNope, didn't show up in Recent Discussion.
Potential factors in Bell Labs' intellectual progress, Pt. 1

Yeah, I'll want to revisit this question a) when I've finished the book and read some other stuff, b) look into the other people who seemed to have invented the same things around the same time.

Potential factors in Bell Labs' intellectual progress, Pt. 1

You're right and I should have worded that better. The experiment itself wasn't random, though the outcomes might not have been predicted.

I was born and educated thus that I got the solution first: transistors are made with doped silicon that allows current to flow when such and such a field is applied because of holes and electrons, etc., etc.

Implicitly, I'd assumed that the creators of the transistor just had this theory. They knew about current and charge carriers and the electron configuration of different atoms, so they could just combine these and fi... (read more)

Ruby's Public Drafts & Working Notes

Yeha, it's easy to get discouraged though when initial doctors clearly know less than you and only know of the most common diagnoses which very much don't seem to apply. Hence my advice to keep looking for doctors who do know more.

2ChristianKl2moMy point was that even if you know more specific facts then the doctor you are talking to, he might still be able to tell you something useful. When it comes to asking people to get knowledge total amount of knowledge isn't the only thing that matters. It matters a great deal that they have different knowledge then you.
Ruby's Public Drafts & Working Notes

When I have a problem, I have a bias towards predominantly Googling and reading. This is easy, comfortable, do it from laptop or phone. The thing I'm less inclined to do is ask other people – not because I think they won't have good answers, just because...talking to people.

I'm learning to correct for this. The think about other people is 1) sometimes they know more, 2) they can expose your mistaken assumptions.

The triggering example for this note is an appointment I had today with a hand and arm specialist for the unconventional RSI I've been experiencing... (read more)

2ChristianKl2moWithout medical training one has a lot of unknown unknowns when researching issues oneself. Talking things through with a doctor can often help to get aware of medical knowledge that's relevant.

Good call! I'll fix that in sec.

How good are our mouse models (psychology, biology, medicine, etc.), ignoring translation into humans, just in terms of understanding mice? (Same question for drosophila.)

Thanks for this response, sorry for taking time to acknowledge it. 

Thinking about how astrophysics seems to have succeeded despite lack of experimentation seems like a very interesting and probably illuminating question.

How good are our mouse models (psychology, biology, medicine, etc.), ignoring translation into humans, just in terms of understanding mice? (Same question for drosophila.)

Thanks! From what you're saying, empirically we know some more things about mice, but that doesn't mean understand better the details of processes going in them much more than humans.

[Team Update] Why we spent Q3 optimizing for karma

Thanks for this detailed feedback! I can't delve into properly today, but I hope to look at it soon.

1shanen2moIs an ACK called for? I would add one more aspect if I didn't suspect it's a moot topic. The financial side. Someone has to cover the costs of things... I personally favor cost-recovery from wannabe donors and actual beneficiaries. However I think LessWrong may use the big donor model, which only works as long as the donor's pockets stay full and the donor doesn't make too many bad calls.
Welcome to LessWrong!

Welcome back! I'm not sure what happened with the verification email, but if you're here, you're here.

Regards to dimensions, we've though about this but it's tricky and competes with all the other things we do, but is an entirely fair question. If you find somewhere you think is better, please let us know!

1shanen2moThank you for your reply. I'm pretty sure you meant "thought" rather than something like "been through this [before]". [And later I got detoured into the Chat help and had some trouble recovering to this draft...] As regards your closing, I believe the trite reply is "No fair! I asked you first." ;-) [I recently read The Semiotics of Emoji and would insert a humorous one if it were available.[But in chat it appeared to convert the one I just used. Here?]] I am considering submitting a new question, either for this question or for your other reply (which might relate to a long comment I wrote on karma (but I can't see the full context from here) or about LW's financial model (in the context of how it influences discussions on LW). With regards to this question, I can already say that LW seems to be solidly implemented and matches the features of any discussion website that I know of. Not the same, but at the high end of matches. I also confirmed the Unicode support. [A test here: 僕の二つの言語は日本語ですよ。] But I have already consumed my morning writing time, so I'll wrap for now and hopefully will be able to figure out the context of your other reply later today. Time allowing (as always).
Internal Alignment (Human)

Note: maybe find a starting sentence that defines the concept better.

Adding Up to Normality

I think "adding up to normality" would be a better concept handle. Maybe rework to have that be the title and "Egan's law" listed within?  

3Yoav Ravid2moDone. i also made a major change to the description to work better with the new title.
Wiki-Tag FAQ

I seemed to have gotten a submit error when I tried to post these a couple of hours ago. Here's my attempt to answer your questions. Thanks to Raemon for also answering.

Good questions!

  • Is there a way to add wiki-links like on the old wiki? I tried using the [[double square brackets]] like on MediaWiki, but this did not work (at least on the new editor).

Not currently. I expect we'll implement a new autocomplete/auto-link on existing pages relatively soon, but this won't automatically create new pages if they don't exist.

  • Is there a way to quickly see i
... (read more)
Johannes Kepler, Sun Worshipper

I didn't read enough of Burtt's book or even the chapter to judge the question, it's possible he treats motivation as foundation, possible this part wasn't a claim about a foundation. I do suspect he isn't using the word "foundation" the way you are. At least, maybe Kepler regarded his theology as of the same type as you're treating Einstein, i.e., foundation is a subjective belief? The things we'd know if we read the book. :P

The LessWrong 2019 Review

I think a good option here is to take the core idea of the post and make its own wiki page for it (we hope to shortly make wiki-page creation straightforward, for now it's fine to treat tag pages as wikis even when you don't want the tags).

This might be unconventional in the sense that wikis generally are more for "established" facts, but I think a wiki where people are fleshing out thoughts would be cool and good, definitely worth people trying.

That seems right to me.

Parables & Fables

Seems good, I did it.


Possibly? I'm not sure if that's helpful or not. I think if there's a description for this wiki-tag, it should mention Inadequate Equilibria as a major resource.

Meetup Organizers, Our Virtual Garden is at Your Disposal


Sorry, should have put my Calendly link in the post.

Meetup Organizers, Our Virtual Garden is at Your Disposal

Under our never-that-clear frontpage guidelines, community/meet-up stuff like this doesn't fit. It's possible it should/should've been. Sorry if you wanted to see it but didn't till now!

Meetup Organizers, Our Virtual Garden is at Your Disposal

Sounds great! Are you able to book 15 minutes with me and I can get you set up?

[LIVE!!] LW/EA New Year's Ultra Party

Collaborative calendar/schedule for the event is now live!

Please add any events or activities you'd like to run. Comment here or in the doc if you have questions, e.g., about good places to host your session.

[LIVE!!] LW/EA New Year's Ultra Party

Upvote suggestions from others if you like them too.

[LIVE!!] LW/EA New Year's Ultra Party

The Ultra Party Radio (TM) has been constructed (bottom right of attached image). We'll be streaming tunes to the entire Garden from our own server, but the music will be optimized for the ballroom dancefloor.

What music would you like to hear? Please comment with:

  1. Genres
  2. Specific song requests
  3. Playlists you might like us to use or borrow from
2algon333moHymn to breaking strain []or Hope Eyrie [].
2mingyuan3moSpecific songs: The Plague [] and This Year [], because topical. Other than that, if we're dancing, ask Kurt for his Spotify because he has excellent taste in electronic music :D
1philip_b3moDo you NEED song suggestions? Or are very good song suggestions merely a nice bonus?
1philip_b3moWham! - Last Christmas
2Ruby3moUpvote suggestions from others if you like them too.
[LIVE!!] LW/EA New Year's Ultra Party

We've now got a rough map of the venue:

[LIVE!!] LW/EA New Year's Ultra Party

We've now designated many activities to many different regions of the Walled Garden. If you're interested in hosting or attending an activity, please comment. The organizers can help you set it up and put it on the Official Party Schedule.

The following are scheduling throughout the party, but it seems great to have more specific things scheduled for like-interested people to join.

Ballroom: dancing, toasts & roasts, countdown
Violet Study: meet new people
Moloch Maze: games, e.g., poker, Among Us
Great Library (1st floor): deep philosophical conversations
O... (read more)

[LIVE!!] LW/EA New Year's Ultra Party

Today's update: quite possibly we will have an epic scavenger hunt of escalating difficulty. A little late, but schedule will be publicly posted in the next day or two.

Here fishy, fishy.
[LIVE!!] LW/EA New Year's Ultra Party

This room will be for small group discussion (the best kind!). Each cluster of chairs is magically (ahem, technologically) sound isolated. 

The Violet Study: Small Group Conversation

And there's another room specifically for 1-1 conversations (also sound isolation/privacy for each pair).


The Chrono Room: Let's have a conversation at midnight.
[LIVE!!] LW/EA New Year's Ultra Party

Big party, small party – which to choose? Well, you don't have to. We're now offering private rooms for meetup groups. Enjoy the party's crowds but retreat to your own suite within the luxurious Vampire Snow Lodge when you want to hang out with just your coterie.

If you're interested, DM me or comment here. Please say the name of your group and how many people you expect to attend from your group.

[LIVE!!] LW/EA New Year's Ultra Party

Heaven is real. We built it yesterday.

Exclusively for the pure of heart

Online Meetup for the Meetup Organizers (Sun, 20th December)

Hi James,

We moved to a different location around 5:20 or so. Sorry, I was inconsistent in location (Mushroom Kingdom, Map Room, and then a new under-construction area). I thought that would be more cool/fun, but in fact it was bad of me to change and not post about it. 

I'm very sorry, that's on me as an organizer that you missed out. We had a pretty good turnout. I think I can share you on a doc we wrote and get some stuff from that. Again, sorry!

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