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Sidekick Matchmaking

Does anyone else find the terminology for this discussion strange? I know LW likes to use words with more emotional-colouring when describing concepts and motivations, but now it's being used to describe people, in a semi-official way.

0free_rip7yYeah, I think it would make more sense to just have a project match-making thread - people can say what they're working on, and others who want to help/make it easier for the runner of the project (even in ways not directly related to the project, which seems to be what the side-kicking thing is about) can offer said help.
[LINK] The Wrong Objections to the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Just to be clear, do these multiple-universes have the same qualities as the universe that we inhabit?

0DanielLC7yYes. It's possible that the vast majority of them have no life and we're in this one because of the anthropic principle, but beyond that they all act the same.
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, February 2015, chapters 105-107

What if Quirrell is so good at dissociation that he can lie through parseltongue by convincing himself that what he's saying is true?

2Alsadius7yCanon!Voldemort, maybe. MoR!Voldemort, not a chance.
3V_V7yNo, I've just found out that it is a board on 4chan.
xkcd on the AI box experiment

He might do it less for the "danger" and more for "bad discussion". The threads I see on /sci/ raising questions about high IQ come to mind.

Well, most threads I see on /sci/ come to mind.

6V_V7yI don't read /sci/ therefore I don't understand what you mean.
LSD, Meditation, Enlightenment, and Ego Death

I experienced what wikipedia calls 'ego death'. That is I felt my 'self' splitting into the individual sub-components that formed consciousness. Acid is well-known for causing synaesthesia and as I fell deeper into meditation I felt like I could actually see the way sensory experiences interacted with cognitive heuristics and rose to the level of conscious perception.

I've recently come into a deep spiritual terror after such an experience I had while sober (albeit in a slightly manic state from sleep deprivation and some caffeine). Afterward, I refused ... (read more)

Group Rationality Diary, November 16-30


I take it you've rarely fallen victim to wiki walks and random googling?

3Gunnar_Zarncke8yVictim? No. I track the time taken and by it and it is seldom 'random googling'. From an old post of mine on c2 ( [] ): There are times where I really just read stuff sometimes for the fun of it and sometimes when I am exhausted. But even then I track it and all suring takes about 10% of my online time.
Group Rationality Diary, November 16-30

I've decided not to have more than 3 tabs open on my internet browser at any given point, as a way of increasing my attention span.

1Gunnar_Zarncke8yI don't understand how that increases attention span. The trade-off that I see is * having multiple sites open which you use often saves open/close times * tabs can be ordered by window and tab thus structuring your work * having distracting (procrastination sensitive) pages open may cause redirecting attention to these Maybe you mean the latter?
[Link] Low-Hanging Poop

Before a discussion on corporeal punishment is started, I want to caution against this happening. It might be that children of people who find corporeal punishment effective are similar enough to their parents to respond well to it, and vice-versa.

Boring Advice Repository

Read literature with an old writing style, especially if you dislike said writing style. The more opaque and complicated, the better.

I find that I'm a very fidgety reader, unconsciously skipping words, or even whole sentences, skimming over words I don't actually know the meaning of, and failing to connect the context of words that I do know the meaning of with the rest of the narrative or lecture. This I do with both literature and more importantly, when reading science. I've decided to read At The Mountains of Madness and penalize myself for every time... (read more)

0glennonymous6yProust's In Search of Lost Time, with its famously long and complicated sentences that often take four or five reads to parse, is great for this. As a bonus, it's Great.
-2[anonymous]7y...and sometimes, those old books will surprise you in a good way. I'm struggling through W. Scott's 'Waverley', and there's a Lady who was in danger from a hidden Enemy. Unfortunately, even though he is known to the Good Guy, accusing him of ill intent is politically unwise, so the Good Guy conceals himself and 'stalks' the Lady as a peasant, ... She is bewildered, but doesn't tell anyone because they would think her given to fancy. He saves her life as a forester, and she sees divine intervention in this and prepares to enter a convent. (She is thought to lose her mind when she tells her observations.) He then reveals himself, she UPDATES her beliefs and they [probably] marry. A Bayesian happy end! How cool is that?
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 27, chapter 98

I think I figured out Quirrel's ultimate scheme.

Va pnaba, Ibyqrzbeg cbffrffrf Uneel, gnxvat pbageby bs uvf obql.

Va ZbE, gur ernfba Dhveeryzbeg jnagf Uneel nyvir, fgebat naq vasyhragvny vf fb ur pna znxr uvz vagb uvf arkg ubfg, guhf nyybjvat Zntvpny Oevgnva gb tebj haqre n fgebat yrnqre. Gur Qrzragngvba ng gur ortvaavat bs gur lrne jnf fb gung Uneel'f zragny qrsrafrf jbhyq or jrnxrarq sbe shgher nohfr. Dhveery'f fngvfsnpgvba ng Urezvbar'f qrngu (orsber urnevat gur hcqngrq cebcurpl) jnf va nagvpvcngvba ng shegure ihyarenovyvgl.

0buybuydandavis8yThat's been my interpretation for a while, at least with Quirrell developing Harry to be his new host - take over the body of he who saves the rest of the magical world, from you.
0BabyBoo8yI think this or something very close to it is strongly likely to be correct; so much so that at this point, I'm very close to shifting the question to the level of whether, univat tebbzrq Uneel nf n fgebat prageny yrnqre sbe zntvpny Oevgnva, uvf vagragvba vf gb npgviryl pynvz cbffrffvba bs Uneel, be jurgure ur jvyy or fngvfsvrq nf gur cbjre oruvaq Ehyre! Uneel'f guebar juvyr ur crefbanyyl tbrf nobhg chefhvat vzzbegnyvgl.
1gwern8yThat's one of the common interpretations, yes.
The State of the Art of Scientific Research on Polyamoury

The trick is that gratitude and weariness are contradictory, which falls under the umbrella of what sarcasm provides; a way of expressing gratitude in such a way that weariness shows. The reaction of annoyance/unpleasant surprise this causes on part of the receiver of sarcasm is anticipated by the speaker, and is considered a way of wounding them, which is why sarcasm can be used in arguments.

While both your intention and the conventional intention are both valid, the conventional intention is triggered, as the basic structure of expressing the spirit of one emotion with the letter of another is more commonly used, and thus more frequently recognized as such.

The State of the Art of Scientific Research on Polyamoury

In every word structure, there are points where its intent is decided; the longer the sentence is, the more such points there are. This was close to utilizing almost every such point for sarcasm, I'm not even sure if I could make that more sarcastic without taking it to parody levels.

2Ritalin8yWell, I suppose I need to learn to improve my writing skills, then. I expressed thankfulness at the help, and weariness in the face of all the effort it will take to capitalize on it. Then again, I have always had trouble understanding sarcasm, such as why people would choose it over more direct forms.
The State of the Art of Scientific Research on Polyamoury

To clarify, the two ideas (correlation with nerdiness and correlation with social skills) are both equally poor, there's no reason to use one and not the other.

The State of the Art of Scientific Research on Polyamoury

This is unlikely; if we're going for the idea of autism being correlated with nerdiness, we must also go with the idea of autism being correlated with poor social skills, and polyamoury is a whole other kind of social network. Also, very few nerdy people I've met were autism spectrum.

From Gwern's notes:

Polyamory and Asperger Syndrome

Anapol 2010 featured an interesting section on Asperger's syndrome anecdotally correlating with polyamory - which LW has often been accused of being host to; as this is the only print discussion I know of, I will take the liberty of quoting the entire thing:

Asperger syndrome has been relatively recently recognized as a neurobiological disorder somewhat related to autism but characterized by deficiencies in social skills, difficulties with transitions, and difficulties reading body language and other n

... (read more)
0Rukifellth8yTo clarify, the two ideas (correlation with nerdiness and correlation with social skills) are both equally poor, there's no reason to use one and not the other.
Mistakes repository

Trying to avoid personal vices by not acting or thinking like the people who had the vices I wanted to avoid. For example, wanting to be a great scientist, and suppressing this desire without realizing that it wasn't actually possible for me to aspire for one thing, dislike m motivation for it (fame and accomplishment), and try to come up with a better one- the actions conflict with each other, yet I really did think that the only reason I wasn't pursuing that path already was due to a disruptive home life. This is probably true, but to this day I can't te... (read more)

Mistakes repository

Dunning Kreuger effect?

3knb8yThat's just a hunch I've developed while looking into polyamorous people on dating sites. Older poly people seem to be more counter-culture types, but many of the younger ones were folks I would associate with the nerd/geek/autism-spectrum mind cluster.
More "Stupid" Questions

Another prediction is that there is no difference between a clone of myself and another person.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 27, chapter 98

Jokes's on Harry, by the time he revives Hermione, the difference in maturity level will make a continued friendship impossible.

-2Eugine_Nier8yOr possibly he'll have done enough nasty things "for the greater good" that by the time he gets around to resurrecting her he'll have become someone she can't respect.
0bogdanb8yWell, Hermione is (well, was) slightly older than Harry, and she seemed to have entered the romantic stage already. A couple years to let Harry catch up might not be such a bad thing.
6Velorien8yI think you're oversimplifying the issue. First, we don't know how long it'll take Harry to revive Hermione. Given the fact that he's made a couple of completely groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting discoveries within a year of being introduced to magic, we have no possible way of predicting how long he'll take to achieve this particular breakthrough. Our own knowledge of magic, of Harry's potential, and of what resources might become available to him in the future, is insufficient to model him in this much depth. Second, people mature at very different rates depending on their circumstances. Typically, more challenging circumstances make for greater maturity, as long as the person doesn't break down altogether. Being revived after getting murdered and a time-skip has the potential to make Hermione mature a great deal very fast (though she probably won't enjoy it). Third, Harry's own maturing process so far seems rather non-standard, with rapid growth in some areas and a striking lack of it in others. Again, it is very hard to model what he will become as time goes by, especially given the number of significant character-shaping events that keep getting thrown at him. Fourth, there is such a thing as friendship across maturity levels. It won't be the same as it was before, but really, we already knew that. Too much was happening to these two from the start for their friendship to maintain any one static form, both in terms of having to respond to external events and in terms of having to learn to deal with each other's somewhat alien ways of seeing the world. Fifth, what joke is on Harry? He's Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres and his best friend is dead. He's doing it because it's the right thing to do and because she, in particular, matters that much to him, not because he expects things to go back to the way they were.
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 27, chapter 98

This also bothered me- no matter what reasoning I read here, I'll still regard this scene in the same light as the now removed scene where Harry Potter walks up to the Sorting Ceremony while the Weasley Twins play the freaking Ghost Busters theme.

0MarkusRamikin8yI confess I liked the Ghostbusters scene. I guess the difference is that Gred and Forge goofing around (as part of their scheme to keep Harry Potter on the Light Side), and Dumbledore playing along (as part of his crazy old wizard act) makes sense to me. :) Nobody is trying to be taken seriously there. And it certainly makes more sense than what's left of the chapter now that the song was pruned out...
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 27, chapter 98

Not in this one. In the earlier chapters it's narrated that the twins have been selling prank goods at 0% mark-up, unknown to their supplier.

5CAE_Jones8yThey insisted they sell Floom's smuggled goods at 0% mark-up; they said nothing about anything they've come up with on their own. Though I think most of their inventions came later (extendable ears, for example).
More "Stupid" Questions

It may also help to consider that my interpretation of OI seems to imply that murder is not wrong, which is quite an odd result.

How sure are you that brain emulations would be conscious?

I find Boltzmann Brains to be more of an unconvincing thought experiment than an actual possibility.

Since I also believe most potential conscious moments are bizarre and painful, that worries me.

Is this concern altruistic/compassionate?

More "Stupid" Questions

Moral in this case is the adjective that labels the set of all actions that could be Right or Wrong. In turn, Right is the set of all actions that cause warmth, benign camaraderie and relief of negative emotions, and Wrong is the set of all actions that cause alienation and other suffering, as well as the extinguishment of warmth and benign camaraderie.

The reason fusion would have no such Right or Wrong consequence is that since there is only one person in the universe, there is no one who would be destroyed in such a process. Indeed, since no one has dis... (read more)

More "Stupid" Questions

Your definition is good, and I'm having a hard time tabooing the word person, so what if I tried making a prediction?

If Open Individualism is true, then there is no moral consequence of fission or fusion, and nothing remarkable about such a process.

0Oscar_Cunningham8yThat uses the word "moral", which is well known to hide many mysteries. After fissioning someone, how would you judge if your prediction was right or wrong?
What are you working on? July 2013

Currently learning Java by-the-book from "Starting Out With Java: From Control Structures Through Data Structures" second edition. It's a remarkable book, unlike any of the ones I tried reading before. It explains every minutiae of the example code and leaves very little to the imagination, except for when it has the courtesy to explicitly tell the reader to ignore it for the time being, something that a lot of guides fail to do. This somewhat pads the book out when it explains when a method-call has occurred two chapters after method-calls were ... (read more)

New Monthly Thread: Bragging

Did you perhaps blend them?

No, I ate them totally raw of processing or additives.

New Monthly Thread: Bragging

Think I'll wash that down with a hot steaming cup of gallium.

0Ben Pace8yBy nails, do you mean the little metal things for attaching pieces of hard material together? If so, could you give a little context - I would expect someone to die of doing that. Did you perhaps blend them?

You've now been marked as having tier 4 human usefulness by Clippy the Paperclip Maximizing AI due to the (now increased) iron content of your otherwise useless & fleshy body. The nano-swarm is on its way now.

You may prepare for processing as you see fit.

How does real world expected utility maximization work?

It took me 3 months to realize that I completely failed to inquire about your second friend. I must have seen him as having the lesser problem and dismissed it out of hand, without realizing that acknowledging the perceived ease of a problem isn't the same as actually solving it, like putting off easy homework.

How is your second friend turning out?

0Mitchell_Porter8yHe isn't my friend, he's just some guy who decided to be a singularity cheerleader. But his website is still the same - super-AI is inherently good and can't come soon enough, scarcity is the cause of most problems and abundance is coming and will fix it, life in the pre-singularity world is tragic and boring and bearable only because the future will be infinitely better.
MIRI's 2013 Summer Matching Challenge

I think small donors should also state their donations amounts of 50-100 dollars. Having counted the medium and large donations in this thread to a rough total of 11,000 dollars, it seems unlikely that the goal is being reached with just those, and I have a feeling there will be some sort of "breaking the ice" effect if small donors chirped up about their chip ins, so to speak. Right now the number of medium and large donors represented in this thread eclipses the smalls.

Rationality Quotes August 2013

I found this to be slightly unsettling when I realized it, though we may be talking about different things.

MIRI's 2013 Summer Matching Challenge

Paycheck came in, donated the 700!

MIRI's 2013 Summer Matching Challenge

I grinned at how the two at the bottom seem to have donated just enough to be mentioned.

Quixey hasn't been able to pump in as much as I expected though.

6Benya8yThere are two donors which have donated $5,000 (just enough to be mentioned), three which have donated $10,000, one which has donated $15,000, and one which has donated $25,000, which suggests "people like donating such that their total is a multiple of $5,000" as a strong competing hypothesis.
MIRI's 2013 Summer Matching Challenge

I wonder, if this community has the allegiance of at least 100 rationalists in the 80th percentile for rationality, how much money could be raised if all of them tried to form separate start-ups as feeder companies for MIRI?

7Randaly8yTwo attempts to do this are Quixey [] and Metamed []. Quixey is notable for being the only for-profit institution to support MIRI []; both groups' individual employees have also donated notable sums.
Seeking a reader for LessWrong sequences

After reading that article, I feel as though A Fable of Science and Politics should be a prerequisite, for all the times it was hyper linked.

I assume they're just looking for a short post to see how people's voices sound?

Open thread, July 29-August 4, 2013

What do Christians do with the idea of "you're not spreading His Word fast enough"? It would be the same kind of scenario if there's nothing restraining Christian evangelical obligation.

0drethelin8yDepends on the sect and person
Open thread, July 29-August 4, 2013

I watched 2 Girls 1 Cup, then had to watch it again after I realized my speakers were off.

Open thread, July 29-August 4, 2013

I can't imagine that anyone is advocating taking them seriously.

More "Stupid" Questions

It could, if we say that consciousness (I'm still not sure how that word is thought of here) is thought to be a physical object. However, (and I am saying this tentatively), I've heard of instances where particles can be made to have no distinction, where action on one particle has effect on a particle at a distance, so there is a prior example of two physical objects being the same entity despite spatial and numerical difference.

3Oscar_Cunningham8yIf you don't understand consciousness then this isn't allowed. Do you think that if we had turned out to live in a purely Newtonian universe with no quantum nonsense then no-one would have proposed Open Individualism? If not then the resolution can't lie in quantum physics.
More "Stupid" Questions

Subject: a word which is synonymous with person.

Everyone: All persons that exist, have existed or will exist.

Though I have a feeling these definitions aren't rigorous. I'm also stumped on "numerically identical".

3Oscar_Cunningham8yI think "numerically identical" is just a stupid way of saying "they're the same". So now we have Now taboo "person". (You're allowed to reword my above definition if you think I've got it wrong.)
More "Stupid" Questions

This will require careful thinking on my part- I'll get back to you in a few days. For that purpose, what are the other tests of meaningfulness?

5Oscar_Cunningham8yThe only other one I can think of at the moment is "Can the hypothesis be worded in a way that refers to only physical objects?" See also this post: Making Beliefs Pay Rent (in Anticipated Experiences) [] .
More "Stupid" Questions

I'm not convinced that it's false- I'm hoping someone could help me with that.

5Oscar_Cunningham8y(*Looks up "Open Individualism"*) It looks pretty meaningless to me. Like it's a solution proposed to a problem when the problem itself is confused. It fails the standard tests of meaningfulness: What would you expect if you believed it that you wouldn't otherwise? Suppose Open Individualism were true on Monday but false on Tuesday, what would change?
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