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Covid 10/14: Less Long Cvoid

I found the Rogan episode with Gupta (and especially the one with Berenson) was painful. I had to stop listening and I don’t think I’ll listen to Rogan anymore. When I know the details of the studies that Rogan throws around I get really frustrated with his lack of really deep understanding of the science. He is quick and smart, but his lack of depth leads him far astray when it comes to complex things like vaccines and medical science.

For example, he kept telling Gupta about the Hoeg myocarditis preprint ( (read more)

3CraigMichael3moI'm in the middle of listening to it and have a somewhat similar feeling. I don't like the trick of bringing up a paper about Covid-19 when it looks like there's about 4.4 million scholarly articles [], and would then assume another order of magnitude more broadly in "the news." Sure, some are more important than others, but "hey there's this one study you didn't see and I'm going to ask you to evaluate it in real time" is a jerkass move under the circumstances. If there's something you want to bring up, should give people a week or more to get familiar with the content.
Covid 10/14: Less Long Cvoid

This study of actual transmission seems to indicate a substantial reduction in transmission from vaccinated people. But that benefit also seems to fade. I don't know if the fading is real or how much is from confounding effects (like more and more "unvaccinated" having immunity from prior infection). Someone with more experience in these types of studies than I could dig into that.