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Maybe Antivirals aren’t a Useful Priority for Pandemics?

I would like to point out a flaw in your reasoning or at least in the way you try to support your argument that antivirals may not work aswell as we'd like to (which btw is a pretty vague statement to begin with). You cite a study about neuraminidase inhibitors, which btw is largely concerned with prophylaxis, not treatment, while in your text you seem to be talking about antivirals as a treatment option.

In regards to treatment it states:"Pooled results showed that oseltamivir and zanamivir treatment alleviated the symptoms of influenza less than one day s... (read more)

2Davidmanheim5moI guess I could have cited more data on the claim that antivirals work poorly - but I wasn't trying to write an academic paper, and I don't think you cited anything that refutes my point. You seem unconvinced about how much this generalizes, so in addition to the obvious relative lack of efficacy for HIV, noted earlier, it might be somewhat useful to note that, AFAIK, the entire set of viral diseases we have antivirals for is HIV, HPV, Flu, Hep-B and C, and various herpesviruses (HCMV, HSV, VZV,) and that most of these (HIV, Hepatitis, and the herpesviruses,) seem to be used mainly to treat chronic disease by reducing viral load, rather than cure the disease, and the the remainder aren't particularly effective as cures. Some, in fact, only seem to work in studies funded by their manufacturers. You, and others, [] claim that Neuraminidase inhibitors like tamiflu seem to work. Some people, like the people who wrote the Cochrane review, disagree []. That's fine - evidently you know lots about this, and I only looked into it briefly, though the evidence seems at best shaky to me. And I'm not going to try to convince you, or write a paper on this. But I was asking for feedback and corrections, so thanks.