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Gears in understanding

I mention this because sometimes in rationalist contexts, I've felt a pressure to not talk about models that are missing Gears. I don't like that. I think that Gears-ness is a really super important thing to track, and I think there's something epistemically dangerous about failing to notice a lack of Gears. Clearly noting, at least in your own mind, where there are and aren't Gears seems really good to me. But I think there are other capacities that are also important when we're trying to get epistemology right

A good way to notice the lack of gears is to ... (read more)

Rationalists Should Learn Lock Picking

They aren't. brook is saying that picking locks might damage them, and damaging locks not in use at worst means you have to throw away a padlock, whereas damaging locks in use might mean you can't open your front door.

This is exactly what I'm saying. Using machines in ways they're not made for is especially risky when the machine controls access to your house.
Yes--if a bit of your wrench breaks off inside the lock, the key may not fit anymore. Also (and more likely, as I understand it) picking the lock will wear down edges of the various parts, making it even easier for someone else to pick.
The Neuralink Monkey Demo

Woah, just on a watch-like device! How far along is this technology?

The Neuralink Monkey Demo

If this has been a thing for 30 years, why is the hardware best-in-class? Also, is there a presentation that is more impressive/innovative but perhaps less theatrical?

The hardware should be best-in-class due to the massive amount of channels (over 1,000), and the fact that each channel is surgically implanted into the head. For comparison, 16 channels is on the high end for consumer-grade BCI kits, and each channel is a sensor that rests on top of the skin. As far as why they aren't making use of its capabilities to do something more impressive, I don't know. For what I would consider a more technically impressive presentation, see this video [] of a man controlling two prosthetics in 3d space to slice bread.
I assume because Musk put a lot of money into it and got the right people together. I think that monkey video is the most advanced thing Neuralink has put out.
Prediction and Calibration - Part 1

I think it is best to try to edit it anyway. I think if you have already seen the post, it does not take that long to see that there isn't a line added that is trolly. Also, you should do it for the sake of mathematical accuracy.

1Jan Christian Refsgaard1y
Thanks, also thanks for pointing out that I had written p(θ∣y) a few places instead of p(y∣θ), since everything is the bernoulli distribution I have changed everything to p
Where do LessWrong rationalists debate?

Hey! There are at least 3 channels where TBC-and-related-podcast-content is discussed!

(though, if you are only talking about the TBC podcast and not other podcasts hosted by the same people and that are plugged in the same places, then yes, there is only one channel).


I cannot speak for Scott, but I can speculate. I am quite sure a rock doesn't have qualia, because it doesn't have any processing center, gives no sign of having any utility to maximize, and has no reaction to stimuli. It most probably doesn't have a mind.