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LGBTQ increase as a reaction to overpopulation?

Update : I didn't completely get your (gwern) answer at first but after I read eliezer's post it made more sense, I think I was missing basic information about the topic to fully get it. Your explanation really added something to the original post since it was tailored to the subject I was wondering about.


LGBTQ increase as a reaction to overpopulation?

Thanks for the answer and the link ! I'll go read group selection tomorrow.

Open and Welcome Thread – August 2021

Maybe a stupid question but how do I access other people's shortforms? First time I'm hearing of this

A gentle apocalypse

Perhaps some minor factions will separate from mainstream society and artificially cap the level of permissible AI in their community to leave some areas for human superiority. Yet in most of the world, humans will probably no longer be useful to anything or anyone – even to each other – and will peacefully and happily die off. 


I could see this being the setup for a novel or a movie with some tribes setting sex and reproduction as the most important part of their life. (with an AI assisted chilbirth delivery to ease everything of course...)

Thanks for the interesting read.

For God's sake, Google it.

Thanks for the interesting post.


We Zoomers

It may be relevant to say I am 27 before answering.


I think I am on the other side of the spectrum, at least 95% of the time when I have a question, the first thing I do is googling it. Same thing when people say statistics that seem weird or counter-intuitive or when I need to feel more confident about my arguments on a subject. I have noticed however that most of my friends don't do it. It sometimes annoys people that I consistently check things.

Maybe this has to do with the fact that I am a PhD and used to spending hours researching. However, I was less inclined to search on Google when writing my thesis. By the end of it I found out it was actually a very good starting point to find the most interesting sources, a bit like the way you should start on Wikipedia but not stop there.

I sometimes wonder if this "dependence" is a good thing but, like you, I think the tool is too powerful to forget to use it.

If you've learned from the best, you're doing it wrong

I enjoyed the read but there is one thing troubling me, those two paragraphs that seem to contradict themselves :

But the thing that she has to teach, physics 101, is still part of what she knows. At some point, she learnt it, and while it might be embedded in her brain in a somewhat different way from mine or yours, it's still the same physics.

What the above working out example showcases is not teachers forgetting or having a weird perspective on the thing they have to teach, but teachers never having learnt that thing.


You say she learned it in §1 and then that she never learned it in §2. There must be something I'm missing.