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Do We Believe Everything We're Told?

This link seems to be assuming that one's prior internal state does not influence the initial mental representation of data in any way. I don't have any concrete studies to share refuting that, but let's consider a thought experiment.

Say someone really hates trees. Like 'trees are the scum of the earth, I would never be in any way associated with such disgusting things' hates trees. It's such a strong hate, and they've dwelled on it for so long (trees are quite common, after all, it's not like they can completely forget about them), that it's bled over int... (read more)

DeepMind: Generally capable agents emerge from open-ended play
  1. keeping in mind I haven’t gotten a chance to read the paper itself… the learning process is the main breakthrough, because it creates agents that can generalise to multiple problems. There are admittedly commonalities between the different problems (e.g. the physics), but the same learning process applied to something like board game data might make a “general board game player”, or perhaps even something like a “general logistical-pipeline-optimiser” on the right economic/business datasets. The ability to train an agent to succeed on such diverse proble

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3Jozdien3moDisclaimer to the effect that I'm not very experienced here either and might be wrong too, but I'm not sure that's the right comparison. It seems to me like GPT-2 (or GPT, but I don't know anything about it) was a breakthrough in having one model that's good at learning on new tasks with little data, and GPT-3 was a breakthrough in showing how far capabilities like that can extend with greater compute. This feels more like the former than the latter, but also sounds more significant than GPT-2 from a pure generalizing capability standpoint, so maybe slightly more significant than GPT-2?

This seems to be distinct from List of Links, but they're similar enough that it might still be a merge candidate.

1Multicore3moKind of a cross between List of Links and Open Threads.
The Point of Trade

My initial ideas (e.g. cases where time are important) are pretty well captured by other comments, but in reviewing my thoughts I noticed some assumptions I was making, which might themselves qualify as additional requirements to eradicate trade:

A) I assumed that the skill-download feature includes knowledge downloading and no task requires more 'knowledge+skills in active use at a time' than the human brain can feasibly handle. If this is violated, specialization is still somewhat valuable despite free and presumably-unrestricted knowledge-sharing.
If you ... (read more)

Why are young, healthy people eager to take the Covid-19 vaccine?

My reading on that last point was that the government has incentive to declare the vaccines valid solutions to COVID-19 even if they haven’t been properly tested for efficacy and side effects, in the spirit of downplaying the risks of the epidemic. And similarly (in the spirit of steelmanning), the companies developing the virus need to do visibly better than their competitors and preferably come out before or simultaneously with them, for the sake of profits; incentives which also push towards incomplete/inadequate testing procedures.

However, my prior for... (read more)

3Viliam1yI agree that the governments have an incentive to downplay both the risks of COVID-19 and the risk of vaccines. With the medical companies, I would expect that there are already some mechanisms to verify their statements.