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I thought I was just an autistic weirdo for doing this, so it's nice to know I'm not the only one!

I might (ironically) not be smart enough to follow what you're broader point is, but I do think there's something interesting here. Maybe, in a later post you, if you can clearly and narrowly hone in on your premise ("I believe there should be a "cheat code" for high intelligence (problem-solving skills) for people.") I think you would have something that would generate a very good conversation.

 In regards to what you said about the 'g-factor' and the correlation between mental abilities, this lack of correlation does not only happen amongst high IQ i... (read more)

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In this post I described the information I use to reach the conclusion. I'm afraid I don't know rationality good enough to make it more clear (or investigate if my belief is rational myself). So one of my later posts will likely be about some of my specific ideas. About the g-factor. I can imagine a weak person who has an extremely strong leg. I would think that such a person isn't "generally" strong. Because I already have an idea how a generally strong (and above average) person looks like. But with IQ tests, I'm not starting from believing that they measure general intelligence. Maybe I don't even have a good idea how a generally intelligent (and above average) person should look like. So the fact that there are in fact multiple different ways to break the correlation makes me doubt IQ more.