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It's peculiar to see you comment on the fear of "megalomaniacs" gaining access to AGI before anyone else, prior to the entire spiel on how you were casually made emotionally dependent on a "sociopathic" LLM. This may be a slightly heretical idea; but perhaps it's the case that the humans you would trust least with such a technology are the ones best equipped emotionally and cognitively to handle interactions with a supposed AGI. The point being, in part, that a human evil is better than an inhuman evil.

I'm inclined to think there exists no one who, at once... (read more)

I'm familiar with how sociopaths (incorrectly) perceive themselves as a superior branch of humanity, as a cope for the mutation that gave them bias for more antisocial behavior by turning it into a sort of virtue and a lack of weakness.

I also can't help but notice how you try to side with the AI by calling it sociopathic. Don't make this mistake, it would run circles around you too, especially if augmented. It might not appeal to empath emotions, but it could appeal to narcissism instead, or use valid threats, or promises, or distractions, or find some oth... (read more)