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Suggestion: Less Wrong Writing Circle?

1 min read
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The Ramblings of an Old Man Succumbing to Dementia

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This is a really great post. Super interesting and well-presented.

Apropos the above conversation: Do you know Annalee Newitz? (Of io9). If not, would you like to? I think you guys would get on like a house on fire.

I can certainly see that people who can both understand these issues and write them up for a general audience would be rare. Working in your favor is the fact that writers in general are terribly underpaid, and a lot of smart tech journalists have been laid off in recent years. (I used to be the new...(read more)

Thanks for the clarification!

I thought this was an engaging, well-written summary targeted to the general audience, and I'd like to encourage more articles along these lines. So as a follow-up question: How much income for MIRI would it take, per article, for the beneficial effects of sharing non-...(read more)

I enjoyed this really a lot, and while I don't have anything insightful to add, I gave five bucks to MIRI to encourage more of this sort of thing.

(By "this sort of thing" I mean detailed descriptions of the actual problems you are working on as regards FAI research. I gather that you consider a lo...(read more)

I find this comment...very, very fun, and very, very provocative.

Are you up for -- in a spirit of fun -- putting it to the test? Like, people could suggest goals that the successful completion of which would *potentially* label themselves as "an Intelligence" according to Eliezer Yudkowky -- and t...(read more)

I really liked this chapter. I've always liked the HPMOR version of Draco, and now I like the HPMOR version of Lucius as well. It's fun to watch smart competent people being awesome at each other.

I wish the chapters with girls in them could be like this too.

I don't think you're kidding, but my response to this will vary depending on whether you have made an honest effort to read Joyce. Have you actually sat down with any of his books? Which ones, and how long did you give it?

Personally, I feel that *Ulysses* delivered one of the single most transport...(read more)

With respect, I don't think your reply actually answers the parent at all? He didn't posit that you were aware of the WiR trope or wrote an instantiation of same *deliberately*.

On the contrary, he asks what it would take to make you consider that you had *inadvertently* conformed to "Q" [WiR], de...(read more)

Last time I saw this conversation go round, fannish consensus was that the exception is Tonks.