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The Hammer and the Mask - A call to action
Yes, this mask is more of a symbolic pic, perhaps Simon can briefly explain why he chose this one (copyright issues I think).

Yep, it's simply the first one in open domain that I found. I hope it's not too misleading; it should get the general idea across.

The Hammer and the Mask - A call to action

Well, if your chances of getting infected are drastically reduced, then so is the use of the "protect others" effect of wearing the mask, so overall these masks are likely to be very useful.

That said, a slightly modified design that filters air both on the in- and the out- breath might be a good idea. This way, you keep your in-breath filters dry and have some "protect others" effect.

Hammer and Mask - Wide spread use of reusable particle filtering masks as a SARS-CoV-2 eradication strategy
[...] P3 masks, worn properly, with appropriate eye protection while maintaining basic hand hygiene are efficient in preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection regardless of setting.

If this is true, then this is a great idea and it's somewhat suprising that these masks are not in widespread use already.

I suspect the plan is a bit less practical than stated, as I expect there to be problems with compliance, in particular because the mask are mildly unpleasant to wear for prolonged periods.

LessWrong Help Desk - free paper downloads and more (2014)

They have a copy at our university library. I would need to investigate how to scan it efficiently, but I'm up for it if there isn't an easier way and noone else finds a digital copy.

Astronomy, space exploration and the Great Filter

Definitely Main, I found your post (including the many references) and the discussion very interesting.

Debunking Fallacies in the Theory of AI Motivation

I still agree with Eli and think you're "really failing to clarify the issue", and claiming that xyz is not the issue does not resolve anything. Disengaging.

Debunking Fallacies in the Theory of AI Motivation

The paper had nothing to do with what you talked about in your opening paragraph

What? Your post starts with:

My goal in this essay is to analyze some widely discussed scenarios that predict dire and almost unavoidable negative behavior from future artificial general intelligences, even if they are programmed to be friendly to humans.

Eli's opening paragraph explains the "basic UFAI doomsday scenario". How is this not what you talked about?

Meetup : First Meetup in Cologne (Köln)

Awesome, a meetup in Cologne. I'll try to be there, too. :)

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