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The dangers of digital vaccines

Your ideas, although possible in theory, seem to come from the conspiracy domain, but anyway.

Your use-cases are far more easily archiveable the other way round: Get genetic fingerprint via blood sample and put the information in a database. So taking this effort to tag people, with much less metadata makes no sense to me.

3Viliam10moEven if you wanted to tag people for some weird reason, just assign them a unique identifier once, instead of vaccinating them repeatedly in order to store their entire employment history in their immune system.
Evaluating Opus

I agree with @cata here. You also introduce a forced 200ms of latency with batch sending. I also would propose a proper protocol like RTP for network transport, which helps with handling problems during transport.

2jefftk1yTo support fully streaming operation in the browser, I think we would need to switch to using web sockets. Doable, but complicated and may not be worth it? 200ms of latency isn't ideal, but also isn't that bad. The design does not require minimizing latency, just keeping it reasonably small.