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Open & Welcome Thread - July 2020

Hello everyone. I joined the site a few months ago with a view to be part of a community that engages in thoughtful discussions about everything under the sun ( and beyond ).

I’ve enjoyed various posts so far and I'm trying to get through the Core Reading.

My username ( Skrot_Nisse) essentially means “ Junk/scrap dealer" referring to a stop-motion puppetry type animation series ( 1973-1983) I watched as a child growing up in Sweden.

I hope the "scrap dealer " username on this site doesn't lead to unintended offence. I&a... (read more)

If you haven't read HPMOR, harry potter and the methods of rationality, then I recommend giving it a shot! It's what got me into the community. While extremely long, it's engaging to the point that you don't really notice. I'm dyslexic, so reading isn't exactly fun for me, and I read the last 30 thousand words or so all in one sitting!

Many of the chapters share names with A-Z posts, and cover similar topics, but with the added backdrop of great characters and world building.

Over the weekend I'll be reading worm the longest and one of the most interesting books I've ever encountered.

Welcome to the community! :)