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The problem with your "resident of Boise" theory is that it costs an ungodly amount of money to move, all of which must be paid upfront. Moving out of state is even worse, because it often means transferring jobs. This is a huge barrier for a lot of people, and for many its utterly prohibitive.

Then there's the fact that homelessness generally feels like a weird transitional phase, and you bear it with as much grace as possible and hope you have kind friends.

My father is a very soft-hearted person, and ever since I was a child he has let people stay with hi... (read more)

Bureaucracy exists in the public sector because the government has certain duties to the public which must be fulfilled, and the process of fulfilling them is inherently complex, difficult, and expensive.

It is also quite labor-intensive. Many people are required to facilitate the government's administrative efforts. From court clerks to prison guards to the person who snaps your driver's license photo, public service requires a lot of grunt work, and the direct impact of their performance upon everyone's individual lives necessitates constant meta level an... (read more)

I'm not sure this is true. I don't think people have children out of a conscious desire to "pass on their genes." I am a parent and have never experienced this, nor have I ever heard of anyone framing their desire to become a parent in this way.

This may be what Nature has hard-wired us to do, but I don't think "passing on one's genes" is necessarily the end-goal in that regard, either. I think the objective is to produce offspring, and then see to it that those offspring survive. In which case dying would be absurdly counterproductive.

I think, first of all... (read more)

  1. State how much sugar you usually take daily

This is difficult to quantify, since there's sugar hiding in everything and I don't keep track. But just to give a general ballpark idea, I'd say my sugar intake, left unchecked, ranges from "relatively high" to "if you cut me, I would literally bleed chocolate syrup."

  1. State how you usually feel about eating sugar

According to AncestryDNA, I have a variant form of one of the three genes associated with taste perception which makes me especially sensitive to sweet flavors as well as bitter. I can attest to the... (read more)

Thanks. I was hoping to enter into this by a different door, but this seems to be the most realistic/least devastatingly risky option for someone in my position.

I don't think there is an individualistic component to shame at all. I think it's a purely social phenomenon. More specifically, I think shame is a feeling that arises from the understanding or perception that one has been assigned low social status by one's own peers or community.

I think in order to experience shame, one must internalize negative social feedback, such as ridicule, scorn, or rejection. I don't believe we experience shame privately. It hinges upon the disapproval of others.

As an example, sometimes people coming to the West as tourists from ... (read more)

Thanks for your response. As it happens, this bears some resemblance to my casino policy, except that obviously there's nothing long-term about that. :) 

Thanks for the resources. I'll check them out. I really appreciate it. 


I have some small money in a Coinbase account and it's tied up in MANA and SHIBA INU. I can't gauge whether or not this was a mistake at this point, as both are fluctuating by the second as expected, and it seems when one plummets, the other rises and vice versa. But it's not enough money to hurt anyway. 


I've been considering Ether. How confident are you that it isn't already too late to invest in it? Or do you think it is, at this point, too late? 


What is scalp trading? 

2gilch2y [] Now is the time of the Stacking*, when the proof of the stake will release the power of the Flippening*. In the end, Ether can be number one. Ether reached current levels in part due to the recent merge of fee burning. It could easily hit $20k by the end of next year. Squish Chaos makes a compelling case that it could briefly hit $150k or more after illiquidity caused by fee burning and the Triple Halving* due to The Merge of the proof of stake mechanism and likely simultaneous high demand from self-sustaining narrative, upcoming easier access, and expected high yield. So, no, not too late. How confident am I? About 15% of my portfolio. I was aiming for a bit less than that, but it's grown since I started. Epistemic status: I'm mostly aping* Squish here, so take my confidence level with a grain of salt. He could be wrong. Partially or totally. Squish says it's 90% of his portfolio though. Ether is extremely volatile, like most crypto: 90% drawdowns have happened in before. That's the size of the risk you're taking. Barbell strategy. There are probably altcoins* with the potential to grow by greater factors, just because you'd be getting in earlier, when they're still small and have more room to grow before slowing from high–market cap limits. The question is, "Which ones?" Shitcoins* quite frequently rug pull* or implode. *Crypto slang. [] (If it's not in there, Google it.)

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it greatly. Your assessment (that I'm not well-connected or well-resourced) is correct. I am also, as you can see, not well-informed.

It would appear that trading in altcoin is essentially like glorified, overly-hyped-up casino gambling. There are ways to get an edge on it, but I suspect that also comes down to who you know, not what. Alas.