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I'm a journalist & writer with related skills in online media & graphic design. But - I live in Sydney (Australia). Happy to be added to your list of resources. Will send you an email with contact details.

I'll read both, thank you. If anything, the course has led me down some very interesting avenues since leaving, even if they are unintended consequences.

Sorry for such a late reply, this is the first chance I've had in weeks to sit down at my laptop.

First I should clarify that I see a clear distinction between meditation/vipassana generally and what is taught at Goenka courses. My concerns are restricted to the latter (more on that below).

Secondly I should add that by saying I had a bad experience does not mean I found the conditions overly trying. I understood the general limitations & restrictions I would be subjected to and I found them challenging but reasonable. It was the other parts of the cour... (read more)

Thanks for the extended explanation. It all seems very clear to me. You might like Cutting through Spiritual Materialism [], a book about how greed gets entangled with the search for enlightenment-- mostly about greed for ill-conceived change and/or repetition of past experiences, but also about the desire for status.

I must apologise in advance as I have only had a short time to read the above entry and related comments & only have a few minutes to reply.

But I cannot let this pass - I completed a 10-day vipassana Goenka course in Australia and came out with serious concerns about the safety and validity of these centres. I understand the courses may be beneficial to some and there is some merit to the technique, but it deeply worries me that so many people recommend these courses as 'scientific' and benign without understanding the potential danger they represent ... (read more)

I've read the PDF.

As far as I can tell, Singh has identified some cult-like techniques employed and a parochial outlook. Which is good to know.

But the PDF also troubles me. It spends a good deal of time on doctrinal matters, and criticizes Goenka for not being fully comprehensive & a perfect path to enlightenment. Which seems somewhat to miss the point (is it good for you? For those of us who don't believe in enlightenment, that is the real question.)

And much of it seems speculation or outright crankery. For example, I was deeply troubled to read claim... (read more)