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2017 LessWrong Survey

I have taken the survey!

Against lone wolf self-improvement

There's also a strong selection effect. Guess what kind of people you'll meet in classes!

Against lone wolf self-improvement

I feel uncomfortable criticizing HPMoR for its writing when it clearly succeeded at its job beyond all expectation.

Against lone wolf self-improvement

I don't see how this is limited to academic learning.

Open thread, June 26 - July 2, 2017

For almost all people, their comparative advantage won't be in AI research, and they'd do more good doing whatever they're best placed to do, and donating a portion of their income.

You don't give enough detail for us to give specific suggestions, but unless you have extraordinarily compelling reasons to think that you were born to be an AI researcher, I wouldn't recommend making major life changes for the sole purpose of maybe becoming a fairly average AI researcher in ~10 years.

Yes, that particular question was rhetorical.

But my more general point is that I think you're wildly overconfident in your ability to manage difficult social situations because I think very few people could successfully navigate the issues that will arise if this goes wrong, and you haven't given me enough reason to think that you're extraordinarily good. What little I know of you (this comments section) points towards you being a fairly regular person that gets upset when people pummel you with unfair criticism and reacts in fairly regular ways. I am not convinced that is good enough to undertake a dangerous and BINDING venture.

Since I think it would take an extraordinary person to pull off a soft landing if this goes catastrophically wrong, it would take rather extraordinary evidence to convince me that you are such a person. The sort of answer that would satisfy me is of the sort that involves a good number of other people testifying that they know based on experience that you would be able to handle the worst-case scenarios.

I think you're being wildly optimistic about your vetting procedures. I don't think you can reliably predict how people will react in high-stress situations with your filters.

in real life, Gandhi only wins against an enemy who's willing to update

Well too bad, because your hypothetical screaming roommate isn't willing to update, and they're screaming in your face at 2am anyway. Can you defuse the situation? Or will you end up with, at best, a messy eviction that's traumatizing for all parties involved?

You flipping out in response to text comments, despite having the luxury of time and privacy to compose your responses doesn't bode well for how you'd react to a member screaming in your face about how you hoodwinked them into an abusive arrangement.

You may feel that handoflixue is strawmanning you, assuming bad faith, etc, but the person screaming in your face could do much much worse, even if you did everything right! If you can't handle this level of criticism gracefully, you're not fit to lead anything like your proposal.

Stupidity as a mental illness

Indeed. I'd also like to point out that even though already having this framework in place, we're pretty much clueless om what to do about it. This is despite the fact that these cases should be the most treatable!

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