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That was great. This is definitely stuff I'm learning more about.

Any other area you see the HN crowd lacking in?

That's the only one that comes to mind and is worth pointing out. If I had more experience teaching people, it might be worthwhile for me to say more, but I do not. They are also lacking in the art of having correct beliefs as taught and practiced here on LW, but you probably already knew that.

I think I will be able to attend this one!

Can't wait to meet everyone tomorrow! Hopefully everyone is still planning on attending.

I'm a Triangle resident who recently discovered LW and did not see this post the first time. I am unable to make it tonight but would be interested in attending another meetup (should one occur). Incidentally, I was unable to view the Google Docs link, because it seems not to be public. I have requested access permission and will see what happens.
Me and Ade are still planning to go :)

I will be there!

I also know a couple of people that aren't frequenters of LW that will likely attend.

I think that's everyone then, assuming Ade's agreement speaks for Alicorn as well, and hwc originally proposed the date. I'll write up a first meeting post and put it up soon.

So it looks like we have enough interest to have a meetup, even before Alicorn/AdeleneDawner get their new place setup. So lets recommend some times/places and go from there.

mutterc mentioned Brier Creek. As he mentioned it is centrally located and has some good spots for meetups. Probably a good area for this first meetup. Alicorn mentioned some venues near her that could be used as well. Both of these seem like good ideas to me.

Scheduling for me: As I said in the original post, it is easier for me to attend during the week, but given 2 weeks advance notice I could meet up on the weekend as well.

I started a Google doc to gather info and do a bit of planning in a central location, you can access it here. My emphatic suggestion for venue, if we meet before we have a private residence available, would actually be the Morrisville Outlet Mall. It rarely has crowds and has a huge open food court area with plenty of seating, usually very empty. Food is there if anyone wants, and while the acoustics are kind of bad in such an open space, I don't think it would be much of a problem with only 6-10 people.
I work normal hours, and would be willing to meet on a weeknight. I'm usually occupied Friday night to Sat morning, but other weekend times are good.
I'm currently only semidiurnal and won't make it to anything in the morning, or that requires me to be awake in the morning. Other than that, I'm up for any time or place that mutterc can provide transportation to, as that immensely simplifies things.

I have been using Harmony and Voice Leading for a little while. Is An Introduction to Tonal Theory really that much better?

I've always felt that the way they explain concepts is very hand wavy and doesn't really explain anything and I tend to prefer things to be more mathematical or abstract.

I'll probably pick this book up on your suggestion.

Yes. Don't get me wrong, Aldwell and Schachter are about the best you can do while still remaining in the traditional "vocabulary of chords" paradigm. (You can even see how they tried to keep the number of "chords" down to a minimum.) Unfortunately, that paradigm is simply wrong. Also, Aldwell and Schachter, brilliant musicians though they may be (especially Schachter), lack the deeper intellectual preoccupations that Westergaard possesses in abundance. One should perhaps think of their book as being written for students at Mannes or Julliard, and of Westergaard's as being written for students at Columbia or Princeton. (There is a certain literal truth to these statements.) You'll love ITT.

Having a meetup here would be great. I know a couple people that would attend, but I'm not too sure of the overall readership here.

Durham, here, right by Duke University, though I'll be moving to another part of the city early next year, with some luck. I don't drive, but if we scare up a couple more people nearby and start a meetup group, it'd be worth taking a cab to, I bet.

Hi. I've been a lurker since before Less Wrong existed, reading though the sequences as they existed on Overcoming Bias. I regularly read new posts on Less Wrong and have made it through a couple of the sequences, but have failed to internalize much.

I am very interested in the topics discussed here and have recently decided to take a more active role in the community as well as really learning the existing material.

A little about me personally. I'm a 23, male, computer programmer ('software engineer') that has essentially slacked off his entire life. I ha... (read more)

Hey, that makes two of us. Where about?

Thanks for those. Great thoughts for those trying to find some way to help out.