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"I volunteer to be one of those weirdos who panic when everyone else is calm with some hope it could trigger a respectability cascade."

From another weirdo who really did not really want to work up the rigor to post, thank you.

The counterargument generally appears to be that, yes, Sydney was an advancement, but it's an advancement broadly in line with predictions, so there is no real reason to panic. I don't work in CS or AI. I'm a layman. I've been interested in the subject for a long time though and I try to at least keep up with reading at a blog level. ... (read more)

Oh okay, I see what you are saying now. Yes, I talked about that in the second post as well. 

Yes, if we throw enough fake everything everywhere then everyone will be safe from anything. And if everyone is already covered in mud no one can be cancelled anymore.  Hard to live in that world though and would require big changes, universal ID, etc. 

Really I was thinking more about short term before the massive avalanche of media - both real and fake - that's about to hit buries everything. I don't know how long we have before that, maybe not even... (read more)

1Gerald Monroe10mo
Ok I see what you mean. Say that famous $respectable_politician matches to posts on racist/bigot/violentmilitia/criminal_hideout message board. It's only even maybe true if the posts were made years ago before LLM. "New mud" is worthless. No way to tell if it's fake. People are taking and running with new content on YouTube that uses AI to almost perfectly mimic the voice of the rapper Eminem for instance. Did Eminem actually make one of those videos? Probably not but you couldn't prove he didn't.

If by counter you mean detection it's only effective about 26% of the time, and gives false positives 9% of the time.

1Gerald Monroe10mo
I was referring to "such and such anonymous text was written by $famous_author because only that author can write text like that". This is no longer true and your "detector" actually can be used as training feedback.

Yes, private keys/hard ID is a big concern for a certain part of the internet right now.

1Gerald Monroe10mo
Now that it's possible to fake video, you basically need every camera to have a private key and to sign whatever images it takes as actually coming from a real hardware sensor. And online cloud services like Google to validate the date and time and image was uploaded. Perfect fakes are coming. You could cast doubt in a murder trial where a clear camera recording is presented as evidence by making a fake video of the DA or judge committing the crime.

Hello, long time reader all the way back to Overcoming Bias. I've always liked this community and loved reading posts here. I have never posted before and only just created this account a few months ago shorty after I used ChatGPT in November. 

I see no reason why this would be a problem.