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[Cryonics News] Australian cryonics startup: Stasis Systems Australia update

I'm afraid we don't at this point Maelin. We probably wont have a good idea of fee structure until about a year from now.

I can say that the investors who pay $50,000 are exempt and will always be exempt from annual fees. (Though that doesn't really answer you question).

We anticipate that most clients will finance their suspension through life insurance policies as you plan to and our aim is to make any ongoing fees as low as possible. This is partly because of an ideology of making Cryonics affordable to as many people as possible but, given the relatively... (read more)

[Cryonics News] Australian cryonics startup: Stasis Systems Australia update

At this stage we have 9 investors and are talking to 2 more people.

We've incorporated but disciplined ourselves to having at least the first 10 before we start spending significant amounts of money on development. Looking for land and construction are therefore set to start very soon but we will continue to accept investors through the construction period until the facility becomes operational.

We recognise that there is a risk factor involved with signing up for a cryonics organisation that is completely new (so new it isn't even operating yet). That's why... (read more)

0Maelin9yAny rough figures yet about how the cost will break down into life insurance payout vs ongoing fees? As a young and fairly healthy adult I'm not really concerned about final costs (life insurance is cheap!) but as a low-income earner (at the moment) I am concerned about annual fees.
[Cryonics News] Australian cryonics startup: Stasis Systems Australia update

The short answer is... Such a thing is likely to be possible.

When we were developing the business plan for SSA we tried to look at the history of Cryonics, particularly in relation to its failures, in order to try and avoid any obvious mistakes. This is one of the reasons we decided to look for 10 investors for the project. Our reasoning is that if we can find 10 people willing to put up the money for their own suspension at the very beginning, this strongly indicates a level of interest to make the facility viable in the long term, as opposed to 1 or 2 in... (read more)

[Cryonics News] Australian cryonics startup: Stasis Systems Australia update

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mark Milton and I'm one of the directors of Stasis Systems Australia. I've read the comments below with some interest as they are many of the same considerations we have had over the last 2 years. I'd like to reply to some of them if I may and I'd welcome any and all discussion on this or related topics as while we have done a lot of thinking and research there is no denying that Cryonics is still in its infancy, (relatively speaking), and input is always a good thing.

Why bother setting up in Aus? Alcor, CI and Krio... (read more)

2wedrifid9yAs an Australian who only got part way through the hassle of getting signed up with a US cryonics option I am following this topic with interest. Something which makes me nervous about relying on a less established institution is (obviously) that all else being equal it is more likely to fail than a more established institution. As a corpsicle it is rather difficult to make new arrangements if one's cryonics facility goes under. What would be perfect is to be able to purchase insurance such that if SSA failed financially or administratively your frozen remains are guaranteed to be sent and preserved at an alternative facility (Alcor or CI, etc.) Is that sort of thing likely to be possible?