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Explaining "The Crackpot Bet"

Seconding this. I hope I'm not overstepping bounds if I ask that anyone who knows him personally checks in on him.

Explaining "The Crackpot Bet"

Yeah, I'm on the OBNYC mailing list and the emails were as annoying as korin43 says. It doesn't really help matters that the day before this bet email was sent out, he sent out another email purporting to answer the question "Why is there something instead of nothing?" using Goedel's incompleteness theorems. In his defense he acknowledged that the argument was probably flawed and thanked people for critiquing it, but it still came across as really crankish.

Also, nobody called him a genius. People said that if someone accepted the "bet" he'd be a genius who got a million dollar loan interest-free, but nobody called him a genius.

1glennonymous2ySteve, I see how this was an offensive way to describe what Zvi wrote. He did use that word but not in the way I implied. All my (secret) criterion required was that he use the word “genius” somehow in his email and point it at me. To be clear: He meant if I won the bet, then I would be a genius.
2014 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Yeah, "cis-" (on this side of) is the opposite of "trans-" (across or on the other side of). So if you're currently the same sex as the one you were born as, you're cisgnder.

1Vulture7yActually, that's the definition of cissexual.
2014 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Finished it. I can't wait to read the post that talks about how bad people are at following directions.

I can already tell you that...well, you remember the preview thread. The one where I posted a version of the survey saying in big letters on the top "DO NOT TAKE THIS, IT IS NOT OPEN" and the first question was "You are not supposed to take the survey now" and the only answer was "Okay, I'll stop"?

Four people took it. Obviously they won't be counted.

Attention Lurkers: Please say hi


I enjoy the posts, but I usually don't have anything interesting to say on the topic. Still, I can never turn down a free karma point, so here I am.