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Society, by survival, in the survival of the fittest sense, stimulates people to be of service, be interesting, useful, effective, and even altruistic.

I suspect, and would like to know your opinion, that we are, for that social and traditional reason biased against a life of personal hedonic exploration, even if for some particular kinds of minds, that means, literally, reading internet comics, downloading movies and multiplayer games for free, exercising near your home, having a minimal amount of friends and relationships, masturbating frequently, and eating unhealthy for as long as the cash lasts.

So two questions, do you think we are biased against these things, and do you think doing this is a problem?

what do you mean by 'personal hedonic exploration'? The things you list don't sound very exploratory...
What do you mean by biased? Is there a difference between being biased towards something and desiring to do it?

Is there anything cool happening anywhere else?

I have heard rumors that cool things happen elsewhere, but I do not believe them. Though Akihabara is pretty cool.

It made me think of your inner asshole from slide one. By all means, try to do it. try this: Try anything.

2Peter Wildeford10y
I'm not some guy that's afraid of changing myself. I've done a lot this year to work on exercise and diet habits. I just didn't find much of Tim's advice particularly useful.
If you don't actually address the issue of whether Tim Ferriss is generalising from one example, all you're doing there is applying a fully general counterargument. Really, you should at least attempt to address such a concern, and only then ask "is that your true rejection?" Also, you could probably have formatted the post better, because it's not completely apparent, especially to someone who skims through (which people will, because that comment was huge) that the whole thing following the link is a quote from a Cracked article (is it? I'm still not completely sure...) and what's appropriate in a cracked article that has "harsh truths" in the title isn't as appropriate in Less Wrong discussion, and it seems like you're being unnecessarily rude and aggressive as well as not exactly on-topic.
It's a bit late for you to tell me not to read your post.

I suspect, about the bissexuality hack, that just going there and kissing a non bearded guy works faster, and only if that doesn't do the trick one should start using slowmotion behaviorism.

Totally, Now if only there were an analogous method to go from bi to asexual. (BTW an inbetween way re: sexuality might be to imagine yourself in that situation, in detail -- make a detailed fantasy going into everything that could happen, deliberately forcing yourself to let the whole thing pan out before you let yourself switch to another train of thought. I've used this to mitigate excessive aversion and excessive attraction in the past.)

I suspect working with someone only works when the someone you work with is goal driven by a goal that matters at least a little bit to you. I have no one who shares my goals enough to both 1) want to work alongside me 2) be among those whom I'd have working alongside, if given a chance.

BTW my goals can 90% be achieved alone in the sense of without a partner, but not in the sense of without a motivational human driving force.

I suspect it is possible to be blissfully improductive forever, and that thought alone can dominate my attention for weeks.