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Dallas SSC Meetup #6

Don’t want to edit a historical post, but I’m commenting to say I am no longer running this group. Contact or if interested.

How to Make Billions of Dollars Reducing Loneliness

This post is especially timely for me. I have moved cross country multiple times in my life and am about to again. It always takes longer than I like to build new friendships. It takes a long time to build the right crowd, so loneliness is a persistent problem for at least the first year.

I have tried finding good roommates as a solution to the loneliness issue. Even when I find people I should like, that is not enough for any kind of friendship. The problem I run into, and the problem anyone else would need to solve with a service like this, is the problem... (read more)

Dallas SSC Meeting #5

I must shift the times back thirty minutes, because I can't guarantee anyone will be there at 5 to choose a table and greet everyone.

If you get there at 5, please alert me through the contact email listed above so I know to look for you.

Dallas SSC Meetup #1

Meeting has been postponed. Plenty of interest, but the 13th was just too soon for people to commit.

Dallas SSC Meetup #1

Please keep in mind this location and time is subject to change based on feedback.

If anyone reading is interested, please RSVP to the email address and answer the following questions:

1. If the current plans are not good for you, what date/time/location do you suggest?
2. What would be your purpose for attending an SSC meetup?

I will collect all responses into an email list for future updates. If at least five people agree to show up next Saturday, I will be in attendance to lead the meeting.