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-2Kenny 1y
I agree. You should leave professional issues to the professionals, else it's either a waste of time or you are trying to get a superficial glimpse of certain topic, which is fine if it's not toxic. The problem with politics is that it's too toxic for social interactions. The moment you get someone else involved with you on this garbage, you are doing them a disservice. You don't know how they can handle toxicity. There are better things to do in life. You have the freedom to waste your own time and swim in your own toxic waste, but getting someone else to swim in your own garbage with you is just fucking pathetic. But that's what social media is all about, getting others involved in whatever you are discussing. Most real life interactions based on real life relationships are a lot healthier than how strangers engage each other online. There is a lot more to lose in real life than online. I know I'm bad at this too. I need to be more aware of my own participation even though I may not think it's negative, such as giving my own conjecture on 2008 financial crisis and related world events. I have no background education on those topics. Even though I may feel like I've read enough about those, I need the humility to help me know better, which is why I'm going back to poetry writing now, the more obscure and detached from reality it is, the better for the mental health of the readers and writers involved given my own personal circumstances and social implications however unfortunate this circumstance may be.