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Write down your basic realizations as a matter of habit. Share this file with the world.

I do this often, and over time. I've noticed quite a bit of digital pack rat genetics in myself, not just related to Anki but data in general. Over this December holiday I reindexed and cleared out over 16 years of digital projects, I was amazed at the amount of things I thought I'd have use for again at some point.

What was however fun, was seeing how I've grown as a programmer and developer.

With Anki, I do it gladly, every note deleted with no practical value, saves me first the cognitive overhead and stress of review and second all those wasted little f... (read more)

Write down your basic realizations as a matter of habit. Share this file with the world.

That makes sense, I however try to keep my new cards low as I'm mostly bulking academic content and vocabularies. I still recall the first month with Anki, where the planning fallacy had me learn so many new cards that I was stuck within 2 weeks with something like a 2 hour deck, which then luckily eased off to a more sensible 35 minute deck I could squeeze in to my day.

2Emile8yHow about rabidly deleting things you think aren't that useful? I feel good about deleting stuff in Anki, because I tell myself it's a good habit to have.
Open Thread for January 17 - 23 2014

That was probably more sensible. Post here

Welcome to Less Wrong! (6th thread, July 2013)

Hi LW, I've been a lurker for the quite some time, it ended this week.

The sequences and blog (ebook compilation I found somewhere) have a comfortable text-to-speech place in my commutes and I've incorporated quite a bit of the lingo, bias definitions and concepts into my daily Anki decks. It's not that this community was that daunting but rather that I thought I could play catch up. My reluctance reminds me of a programmer asking if it's worth getting on github if he's only joining the party now. I've studied computer systems engineering (electronics, di... (read more)

Community bias in threat evaluation

Definitely brings déformation professionnelle to mind for me, I'm not sure if there is anything in there about the community aspects of it though.

Open Thread for January 17 - 23 2014

I feel like I'm whoring for upvotes just so I can post links. I've been lurking for so long, but I guess the 20 karma finally got me into action in the last two weeks.

2 more to go cracks best rationalist grin and winks

6[anonymous]8yHave you posted in the Welcome thread []?
7Viliam_Bur8yYou can also post links in Open Thread. Actually, it probably is the right place.
Write down your basic realizations as a matter of habit. Share this file with the world.

I like this idea, and I'll post if I can get around to it over the weekend.

In the past I've used to send me quotes,ideas and maxims I thought useful. These come up at semi random times in email, and retriggers the memory and context - probably not as good as Anki, but I enjoy having these show up in my email stream.

5Pablo8yI have implemented this idea using Anki. A benefit of this implementation is that, instead of being exposed to the insights at semi-random times, you get to see them more or less often depending on past ratings.
Physics grad student: how to build employability in programming & finance

You could also supplement your learning by doing a couple of standard industry certifications related to security, although I do not know how relevant something like CISSP would be in quant finance environments, it would give you a little bit of background, especially if you haven't been interested previously. This and other similar courses also give you a considerable foot in the door at certain environments requiring security clearances.

I agree with the rest of the comments that a github profile (even contributing to interesting projects you didn't creat... (read more)

4[anonymous]8yHonestly I think this actually does more harm than good unless you actually need it for your job.
A big Singularity-themed Hollywood movie out in April offers many opportunities to talk about AI risk

The panel idea - especially if this can be done early, has a lot of value, could boost discussion and also provide a possible influx here.

[LINK] Why I'm not on the Rationalist Masterlist

I've definitely experienced strong adverse reactions to discussing eugenics 'cavalierly' if you don't spend at least ten to fifteen minutes covering the inferential steps and sanitising the perceived later uses of the concept.

Good point about the possible three communities. I haven't posted here much, as I found myself standing too far outside the concepts whilst I worked my way through the sequences. Regardless of that, the more I read the more I feel I have to learn, especially about patterned thinking and reframes. To a certain extent I see this commun... (read more)

Some thoughts on having children

Thanks I needed that with my afternoon coffee. Now to clean this keyboard and table. 'Free kids!' begs the question for me how many economists donate swimmers.

January Monthly Bragging Thread

I have five of six chapters of my thesis done. It feels great to be able to finally apply for PhD positions. Choosing a future supervisor, I'll do a lot more checks to ensure my continued sanity. LaTeX & knitr saved the day with regards to document and layout management.

On to the conclusion chapter, then 3 weeks with a language editor, and hand in is so near I can taste it.

[Link] Valproic acid, a drug for brain plasticity

I was hoping for a minute that this would be able to truncate the horrid use of auto-tune but then I remembered I mostly, luckily, stay away from the radio regardless of its use.

Would love to see a larger scale study with more specifics done with this especially with regards to language acquisition.

Is there an automatic Chrome-to-Anki-2 extension or solution?

This might be very late in the game for a reply. I use it mainly for MOOC and textbook learning as well as very successfully dumping large amounts of German vocabulary into my head.

From February I have the following deck stats (usually 1/2 hour in the morning, whilst stationary cycling - one boring high-intensity body task and one boring high-intensity mental task hack): Mature: 12094
Young+Learn: 392 Unseen: 59142
Suspended: 11528

The decks take a bit of fiddling to ensure you have the correct amount of cards setup. Initially in my first two months, I had to... (read more)

Is there an automatic Chrome-to-Anki-2 extension or solution?

. wrong click, couldn't find delete - posted above.

Anki decks by LW users

I can't access Mysterious Answers deck. Does anyone have a non-Posterous copy of this please?

2Pablo8yI just sent Divia [] this message: I'll update the links if and when she makes the decks available again.
Spaced Repetition Database for A Human's Guide to Words

Thanks, this has been very helpful, I've previously used the wiki and personal notes, but this contains a decent summary.

Question about application of Bayes

Can you suggest where a Karma-less account (new) can post then? As everything ends up as draft for me.

0RolfAndreassen9yClearly you can post comments in threads, right? We have a biweekly open thread; dig down a bit in discussion, or wait for the one that'll be posted around March 1st. Alternatively, pick a post on the front page, not this ancient one. I only saw this because I get notifications of responses to my threads; nobody else is going to be seeing anything this deeply buried. You may still get some objections to off-topicness, but at least you won't be thread-necromancing in addition.
Question about application of Bayes

As a relatively new member of this community I was wondering what implications you could foresee because of this:

I know this might not be the right place to post, but Karma disallowed me from posting anywhere else, and I was hoping to get some thoughts on this.

1RolfAndreassen9yI would kind of strongly suggest that a months-old thread is not the right place for questions about current events; if nothing else, nobody but me is likely to see the discussion. Additionally, although both are in some sense tagged 'Bayes', the discussions are very different. I suggest you take this to the most recent open thread.
Want to help me test my Anki deck creation skills?

Same here, I'd gladly test it. Also read the two recommendations 59 seconds and Eat that Frog after reading this thread, having fallen head first into the Anki rabbit hole about a month back.