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John Maynard Keynes: “the markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” This is especially a problem when you are evicted and need housing immediately.

Being evicted and needing housing 'immediately' is not a realistic problem that many people have in the big U.S. cities with which I'm familiar. In those cities, evicting tenants is very difficulty and takes months or even years. And that's true, tho to a lesser extent, even when a building is sold.

I just want to say that I enjoy this series and your insights

The Verizon comparison is a bit weird. I (should) have a choice of whether I want to use Verizon or one of their competitors. I don't have a choice of whether to agree to the blackmail. Indeed, this asymmetric power is one of the reasons monopolies (and blackmail) are illegal.

You should follow her blog too. Lots of good interactions and criticisms of the current state of affairs in science overall and theoretical physics in particular

She posts links on her new blogposts on her FB, so I am often read it.

The problem is, ideas are cheap and data is expensive. So separating the correct from the incorrect ideas takes lots of time and money. Hence, people often want to know whether the black box has any value before pouring money down a hole. Spouting clearly wrong ideas calls into doubt the usefulness of any of the ideas, especially for people who have no track record of being insightful on the topic.

Yes, this is the the pint of "Lost in math" book: arxiv is full of ideas, but testing each would cost billions. All low-hanging ideas are already tested.