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Quite a few things there. SAS's EVAAS is generally considered the gold standard of bayesian prediction models as educational interventions; unfortunately as SAS is based in North Carolina it has yet to spread outside that particular state. Some states have similar systems being produced by similar companies.

Particularly, if I were you I would read:

Please look through the comments where I have replied to criticisms; I have tried to find relevant citations.

I have kids in California public schools.

I have never worked in California, nor New York, and cannot speak for your experience.

Next argument: many of us reading this board, and even being taken in by this post, went through the American public school system ourselves, and by my standards, (I'm 55) many of you went through quite recently. Many of us, I dare say, were in advanced classes. Does the OP fit even vaguely with what you saw with your own eyes? It is miles from my 40 year old experiences.

Really? I myself went through the advanced classes. In... (read more)

I apologize for the late response.

As for the idea that black students do well if the teachers like them there? Please. Teachers have next to no say as to their assignments---it's one area in which principals have a great deal of control.

I do not know where you come from, but I have personally reviewed the math placement criteria of hundreds of middle schools and high schools. Teacher recommendations are always on the list, whereas I have never seen a school which used "principal recommendations". Wake County, NC's placement criteria: http://w... (read more)

The only people aware that the project happened, as far as I know, are myself, my boss, the man in charge, and the 56 students (who were in 6-8th grade at the time, and all from poor black families). The issuer of the grant was the local government, and they issue so many grants that I seriously doubt there's anyone looking at all of them.

If a student with poor parents in that age group get's a free iPod, his peer and parents are likely to notice. The idea that you can give a school a grant worth $800,000 and only one adult in the school knowing about the grant also seems strange. If a lot of the student got the second iPod makeover, and iPod touches were more expensive at the time the whole thing might have cost $20000. That means $780,000 just disappeared. If that kind of money disappears people are bound to be interested.

You might have seen some of those sketchy advertisements, similar to the "Google will Pay YOU!!! To Work From Home!" ads, which say stuff like "Get Grant Money Here!". At least, I associate those two kinds of ads as being similar.

In any case, the process of finding grants to apply for is very simple. The Department of Education grants are all on Pretty much every university's Research and Evaluation Department gives out grants to the local community; check out your local Uni's website. Sometimes large corporation... (read more)

Good info. Are you going to talk to the ed tech incubators and give them an inside contact or shall I email them a link to this thread?

That's interesting.

If this were a hoax, it would certainly appeal to right-wingers. In general, the way the school board is debating this issue, the democrats are in favor of teacher recommendations and "helping the poor black kids", whereas the republicans (although, on the school board, they're all teapartiers) are the ones running with the "Data Driven Decisions D^3" slogan.

What specifically is the school board debating? Allow the Principal to keep some minority students in honors classes?

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