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Attention Lurkers: Please say hi

Hi. I've been lurking on OB+LW for around two years. I took the step of making an account a few months ago. Eventually I'll post something meaningful.

You Be the Jury: Survey on a Current Event

My familiarity with the case is low:

  1. p = 0.40

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  3. p = 0.90

  4. I think we will agree with the general idea that Guede is likely to be guilty while Knox and Sollecito are unlikely to be guilty.

From what I could gather, the physical evidence against Knox and Sollecito is pretty weak and the force of the prosecution's argument is supposed to come from the inconsistencies between Knox's and Sollecito's accounts of the night. While there were more inconsistencies than I would have expected (judging just on the general fallibility of human memory), I felt... (read more)

-2lordweiner2712yI don't. She changed her story at least three times. And I'm sorry but if I was an innocent suspect in a murder trial you'd have to rape me up the arse with a barb wire dildo to get me to change my story from the truth.