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There’s one trick, and it’s simple: stop trying to justify your beliefs. Don’t go looking for citations to back your claim. Instead, think about why you currently believe this thing, and try to accurately describe what led you to believe it.

There might have been some irony in the article. But good tips!

Thanks Gunnar. I have added your recipe to the article at

Actually Gunnar_Zarncke, may I add your soup recipe as a fun addition to the article?


I agree with you. You have to design/build a lot of things to develop a design instinct. 

In case you find it helpful, one 'executable strategy' to develop a design instinct is making art.  This could be sketching your room, painting a picture of a tree in your garden, or making 3D models on Blender. These design activities tend to transfer well to other domains.  

(Executable strategy concept:

That's an interesting comment about environmental destruction. I think that I disagree. I would say that almost environmental damage is bad. For example, I hate seeing people discard plastic wrapping or throw things out of their car window. Every action like that spoils a part of nature that has evolved over millenia. Increased scale certainly makes environmental destruction worse. 

Given that plastic doesn't biodegrade, that is a problem, even at small scales.

Yeah, I think that you're right about being radically open to yourself Slider.  Although it can be easy to lose track of your thoughts on something. Publishing your thoughts has a way of galvanising your ideas. 

Publishing your thoughts also allows other people to add their own thoughts. I probably wouldn't have thought about your comment unless I had posted the article. 

I agree with your main point that good ideas often take time and reflection. However, I think it is hard to know if a person, such as Kanye, has already done this reflection. Perhaps he has.  

I like your thought that it is the job of rappers, and artists generally, to experiment with ideas. Having a group of people whose job is to be on the edge of art is an exciting thought.

Regarding your point about genuineness, it's very hard to know what another person actually believes. Maybe Kanye is deeply insecure about wanting to have sex with his wife's sisters?  

There's a clear idea of what the brand of a rapper happens to be. There are actions that play into the image of them being a "tough gangster" and other actions that don't. If you see a rapper being open about things that damage his image of a "tough gangster" that would suggest that it's openness. On the other hand, there's little reason to label expressions that play into that image as coming out of openness.

Glad to hear it! Would be interested to know why.

For me, the equation seems more clearly expressed as: