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If You Like This Orange...

6 min read
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Natural Rights as Impediment to Artificial Intelligence

8 min read
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Education via Cell Phone in Africa

1 min read
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'What evidence would convince me I am mistaken?' If the answer is 'no evidence' I am probably not being skeptical.

The above based on the works of Karl Popper.

There was an episode of the podcast 'the infinite monkey cage' which was more or less science versus philosophy. The guest scientists spoke at length and in detail what science had accomplished. The guest philosophers... sputtered for the whole show. But at the end the host said this...

In all of...(read more)

You'll find more errors in your thinking seeking critics than supporters, and so your questions are good questions.

> Using personal preference or personal intuitions as priors

Egoism fits that description. I wrote the book on it! "Confessions of a Failed Egoist" has all the answers. Read more ...(read more)

I want trying if failing to convey some realization of 'two heads are better than one.' Not an AI in the interfacing machine, but a consciousness that is neither of the two people connected. A self-awareness not found in either of the two connected people. It's not Alice and it's not Bob but is pa...(read more)

I have no science, only science fiction, ideas of how it could be done. What I am thinking of are two or more people who are communicating without speech, writing, gesture, eye contact, or in other conventional ways. Instead, a thought in one person's body is shared / perceived in another person's...(read more)

Humans have bred dogs from wolves. There are some dogs that have language and problem solving skills that are comparable with human children. They also have a friendly attitude to humans. Dogs are our first AI. An uplifted animal is another way AI can happen.

Direct brain to brain communication mig...(read more)

Objects continue to exist when we don't see them. Other people have thoughts that are different from our thoughts. Water does not change its amount when poured from one container to another. Language. Children, at different ages, do not have the physical capability of understanding these facts. It i...(read more)

Are house-buyers, scholars, academics and bloggers the sanity waterline you hope to reach and raise? That is who you speak of and to. I suggest these are closer to the high water marks. With exactly zero inference on the truth value of any religion, I suggest people who are religious by their own a...(read more)

> We live in special period of time when radical life extension is not far.

Not far indeed: global life expectancy at birth was 26 years in the Bronze Age, and in 2010 was 67.2. Five years ago our life expectancy at birth was more than double what it had been. [wikipedia](https://en.m.wikipedia.o...(read more)

In an infinite universe is it not the case that all possibilities have at least one instance where their probability is equal to one?