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Yes, I've also been looking for that without success. Some apps claim to measure HRV using a phone camera, but it seems to be mostly a scam. It looks like you have to go with either a chest strap, an ear pin, or a thumb sensor


I often notice that I'm having a slow, regular, smooth breathing, as opposed to a chaotic one (I also used to do micro apneas while working, and I don't notice it anymore). But maybe the bigger effect is that having this in the background helps me be more aware of my body and feelings while I work. I much more often zoom-out of what I'm working on to check my breathing, and also pay more attention to the rest of the body (very often I my case, I notice tension in my shoulders)

If I remember right having a normal heartbeat that's unregular is more h

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It's sad that the smartwatches don't measure HRV. Otherwise this would be a nice group experiement.

I made a small webapp to improve my (and maybe your) breathing while working:

I still need to find a name, but most of it is done. I don't expect the LW crowd to be very receptive to the "coherence" thing and I don't think the references are very strong research-wise, but I do think the idea of "regular and smooth breathing while focusing on the chest" works in practice, as I (and many others) have experienced it to work.

I've been using this thing almost daily for about two months, and I can tell that my bre... (read more)

How? If I remember right having a normal heartbeat that's unregular is more healthy then having one with little heart rate variability. What's the case for developing regular breathing? Also do you have a reason for a duration of inhale and exhale that are the default of the app?