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LW 2.0 Open Beta Live

Firefox 55.0.2 32 bit, on Linux Mint KDE. No relevant add ons (adblock thing, EFF badger thing, greasemonkey but not with any scripts that should load for this page, pop up blocker thing).

LW 2.0 Open Beta Live

I don't know. What it looks like on my end is that scrolling takes time. It is as though my browser has to do some shit to figure out what the text is, instead of just displaying it like on a normal page.

So I read a line, hit down arrow, nothing happens, I start reading the next line etc. After a while the page starts jumping around like it's doing all the down arrows at irregular intervals. Ok, that's annoying, so I stop hitting down arrow and instead read the 1-2 paragraphs that are on the top of the screen, then hit page down. Nothing happens, hit page ... (read more)

0Elo4yWhat os, browser and add-ons are you using?
LW 2.0 Open Beta Live


I do not have the patience to read anything on that site. Or alternatively, my computer is too old and my screen too low res. But I am not sufficiently committed to LW to buy new hardware just to maybe be able to see it. Is there any possibility that the old site might remain up, maybe as some kind of accessibility thing for people who can't use the new one?

I can corroborate that the scrolling is painful on sufficiently old hardware (and two of the not-home not-work places I most like to hang out in these days have hardware that is sufficiently old).

Scrolling for example is painful near the bottom (in the comments) of the recent article on the Cambrian explosion on a Core 2 Duo running Windows Vista, in Chrome. In particular, it takes whole seconds for the text to appear. (Till then the view port is blank / white.)

But even when I'm using reasonably fast hardware, my reaction to any signs that the text on a we... (read more)

0Dustin4yWhat, specifically, is the problem you're having that requires patience? It's not using any notably weird/esoteric/advanced technology...
20000 UC Berkeley lectures that were deleted from Youtube

You tried to access the address, which is currently unavailable. Please make sure that the web address (URL) is correctly spelled and punctuated, then try reloading the page.

Edit: So that's weird. The above is what I got in Opera. But in Firefox I get a page that says (among many other things) that lbry isn't available to the public

20000 UC Berkeley lectures that were deleted from Youtube

The link is 404 enabled. Or at least it was the two times I clicked on it.

0Elo4yWorks for me []
Open thread, June 26 - July 2, 2017

Whereas I would take it at 50/50. Scope insensitivity looks to me like it would hit both sides (both are all humanity forever), and so it is not clear which side it favors.

Open thread, Mar. 20 - Mar. 26, 2017

What? 2 sigma means 2.5% at each end.

0Lumifer5yThat sentence is imprecise. If you divide a standard Gaussian at the +2 sigma boundary, the probability mass to the left will be 97.5% and to the right ("the tail") -- 2.5%. So two sigmas don't mean 2.5% at each end, they mean 2.5% at one end. On the other hand, if you use a 4-sigma interval from -2 sigmas to +2 sigmas, the probability mass inside that interval will be 95% and both tails together will make 5% or 2.5% each.
0Viliam5yApparently, Mensa didn't get any better at math since then. As far as I know, they still use "2 sigma" and "top 2%" as synonyms. Well, at least those of them who know what "sigma" means.
Open Thread, Feb. 27 - March 5, 2017

A simpler algorithm runs faster. Since these things occasionally get used for practical things that might matter. Then some people have an aesthetic preference for simpler models, maybe related to having learned Occam's razor too early.

3Lumifer5yNo, not necessarily.
How often do you check this forum?

I have it in my RSS reader. I read almost everything, but often more than a week after it's posted when I happen to want something to read. I vote more often than I comment, but not nearly a quarter of everything.

Open thread, Jan. 23 - Jan. 29, 2017

Has the password changed on the username2 account?

Stupid Questions December 2016

I don't think there's any standardization. People just make it up as they go. Scott often uses the phrase epistemic status at slatestarcodex, I think that's where it come from.

4Good_Burning_Plastic5yI think he got the idea from Muflax's blog [].
Open thread, Dec. 12 - Dec. 18, 2016

By using the anon account you choose not to connect your own account to this comment. So the usual reason to upvote presumably doesn't apply. But if the common account gets a lot of karma somebody will use it for mass downvoting.

2Lumifer5yThe usual reason for upvoting is to promote the comment and not provide the commenter with resources in the form of karma.
Open thread, Nov. 14 - Nov. 20, 2016

It's just a pun. Islam = SLM = salaam = peace. But yes, people do argue about it as though it was a real claim about the nature of Islam.

Open thread, Oct. 17 - Oct. 23, 2016

I seem to have the same thing

Open Thread, Aug 29. - Sept 5. 2016

'In poorer countries the consumer goods are targeted to that class of poor people so making difference in inequality in places like Australia is more important than in poor countries because they are deprived of a supply of goods because the consumer culture is targeted towards the wealthier middle class.'

If that's your real reason, perhaps the best way to help poor Australians is to import stuff from Africa so that they get that supply of suitable goods. Or better yet invite some Kenyans to teach them how to make things themselves.

0buybuydandavis5yNope. Won't work. The cheap goods can't be available to the poor, because then they'd be available to the not poor, and the government enabled rent seeking would no longer work.
Now is the time to eliminate mosquitoes

There are mosquito populations that you shouldn't try to exterminate, because they are important to their ecosystem. If you get rid of them a bunch of birds have no food and so they are gone too etc. But they are up here in the arctic. Getting rid of all the tropical mosquitoes is good for everyone and does not have any great effects on any ecosystem. Everyone that eats mosquitoes there also has other insects that they prefer to eat.

7HungryHobo5yThere's about 3200 species of mosquito. < 200 bite humans and perhaps a dozen are major disease vectors for humans. We extinct about 150 species per day without really trying. Increasing the number of species we push to extinction by 10% for a single day would save half a million lives per year.
Open thread, June 20 - June 26, 2016

I think it is about the don't break the streak thing. Suppose that you decide to run every day, and you do it in the morning every day from Sunday to Thursday, then sleep in and don't have time for it on Friday. Now on Saturday you can either advance the day before your run and have a one day streak, or you can run twice, once before and once after advancing the day and have a seven day streak.

0niceguyanon5yThis perfectly expresses my thoughts
Open thread, Jul. 18 - Jul. 24, 2016

Many serious accidents are single car crashes (more than half here). And a lot of collisions that aren't officially your fault you can still avoid if you pay attention.

0turchin6yI think that if we include all driving habits, single car crashes, observation selection we will get probably 1 in 10 difference, but I still surprised by 1 to 1000 difference in fatalities between most dangerous and most safe cars. I think that also weight is very important factor: heavier cars are much safer.
Open Thread June 6 - June 12, 2016

Compared to not having a job presumably. But you raise a good point. It might be easier to find relevant studies by looking for research on the effects of unemployment or retirement.

3Lumifer6yI can easily come up with very very different subgroups who "do not have a job", e.g.: * housewives * trust fund kids * chronic welfare recipients * retired people The benefits of having a job are likely to be very different for them.
Open Thread May 30 - June 5, 2016

Your siblings is not a reproductively isolated population (hopefully=)). The relevant question is if the helpers are more or less fit relative to the population as a whole. So in your example, where the helpers give up something and get back less, the gene goes extinct.

But start instead of just zero-sum redistribution with something like that trust game where you send money through a slot and whatever amount you send the other guy gets triple. But it's multiplayer and simultaneous. So the helpers give up some amount, let's say x each and every family membe... (read more)

5Viliam6yHere is a toy model: Let's ignore the details of genetic reproduction, and simply assume that if both parents have a trait, all children have it; if no parent has a trait, no children have it; and if one parent has it, exactly 50% of children have it. Let's assume all families have the same size. (These are quite unrealistic assumptions to make calculation simple.) Let's suppose that being nice to all your siblings has a cost c (for example, if without reciprocation it would reduce your survival rate by 5%, then c = 0.05), and that being supported by all your siblings provides a benefit b (for example, if without helping any your siblings but being helped by all of them would increase your survival rate by 10%, then b = 0.10). We can assume 0 < c < b. So, the current generation contains a fraction p of adult individuals who have the sibling-helping trait. Let's assume they form pairs randomly (because the trait is so new they haven't developed its detectors yet). On average, there will be p^2 "helper-helper" families, 2×p×(1-p) "helper-nonhelper" families, and (1-p)^2 "nonhelper-nonhelper" families. In "nonhelper-nonhelper" families, children's survival rate will be 1 (the default survival rate before the helper mutation appeared). In "helper-helper" families, children's survival rate will be 1+b-c. In "helper-nonhelper" families, the 1/2 of helper children will have survival rate 1+b/2-c (they only get half the help, but pay the full cost), and the 1/2 of nonhelper children will have survival rate 1+b/2 (they get galf the help at no cost). Now all these values together have to be normalized to 1, to get the proportions in the next generation. Ugh, math... non-normalized next generation helpers = p^2 × (1+b-c) + 1/2 × 2×p×(1-p) × (1+b/2-c) = p + pb/2 - pc/2 + ppb/2 non-normalized next generation non-helpers = (1-p)^2 × 1 + 1/2 × 2×p×(1-p) × (1 + b/2) = 1 - p + pb/2 - ppb/2 next generation helpers ratio = (p + pb/2 - pc/2 + ppb/2) / (p + pb/2 - pc/2 + ppb/2
May Outreach Thread

Means and ends. LW was the means of "spreading his ideas" as you put it. Whereas Gleb is promoting the idea that we should do outreach for LW. LW as the end.

-1Gleb_Tsipursky6yResponded to your earlier point above - as you see, the point is to raise the sanity waterline, not do LW outreach.
May Outreach Thread

Ok, this is something I have been thinking every time I see an Outreach Thread, and now I can't resist asking it:

When did LW become a proselytizing community?

And are we sure that it is a good idea to do a lot of outreach when the majority of discussion on the site is about why LW sucks?

3Viliam6yYeah, at this moment I would rather tell people to download and read Rationality: from AI to Zombies.
3Gleb_Tsipursky6yWell, the benefits of promoting rationality have been widely recognized ever since EY published his post on raising the sanity waterline []. But let's be clear - rationality outreach is not LW outreach. The goal is to spread good ideas from rationality and raise the sanity waterline, not get people to engage with LW necessarily. I myself would like to wait until more of LW 2.0 comes into being, including the newbie section, before inviting newcomers to engage with LW actively.
-1Good_Burning_Plastic6yHuh, there have been several? I'm glad I missed the other ones. ;-)
2TheAltar6yEY was attempting to spread his ideas since his first post on overcomingbias. This pattern was followed through entire Sequences. Do you regard this as different from then?
7Germaine6yDoes commentary and opinion that LW "sucks" mean that it can't proselytize? Everybody from terrorists to politicians to businesses proselytize, and what most of them are selling looks to me to be a whole lot less useful than what LW is selling. Am I missing something?
Open Thread May 2 - May 8, 2016

And they left because they were done with their respective projects, and maybe because of negative comments.

Eliezer had said the things he was planning to say with the sequences and had found new research fellows to start working on AI again.

Yvain was a sock puppet that Scott used on a role playing forum he was active on and did some LW posts as backstopping. Then he continued posting here for a while but writing without politics and not under his own name felt too much like hard work. Now his entire blog is pseudonymous because writing about politics un... (read more)

Open Thread April 25 - May 1, 2016

Yes. He uses sockpuppets for voting, so presumably he uses them for upvoting himself as well. But most comments of his that I have seen I would expect to have positive (1 or 2) karma from anyone else as well, and if his comments were sufficiently horrible people would downvote him enough to overwhelm any amount of sockpuppets.

Open Thread April 25 - May 1, 2016

He makes a bunch of comments that are good enough to get positive karma, though rarely stellar. Mostly semipolitical quotes in the quotes thread.

2Good_Burning_Plastic6yI don't think that's the whole story. Many, many of his comments, including very poor ones, get upvoted within minutes of being posted. In particular, at one point every single The_Lion2 comment had five or more upvotes.
Open Thread April 11 - April 17, 2016

Beyond caste might be misleading. You can always become casteless, but that is worse than being the lowest caste.

0[anonymous]6yOh, OK. I suspected that's what Clarity meant. It's a bit misleading to call that "opting out".
0[anonymous]6yEvery sanyasi is beyond caste. You can ask them, it's an oral tradition more than a written tradition. People lie that they are lower caste too for affirmative action.
Open thread, Feb. 01 - Feb. 07, 2016

If there was anything useful the banker could get for $5 then he would buy it himself. The argument for giving to the poorest people is not that they are the most deserving, or even that they are suffering the most, but rather that they are the cheapest to help.

-3[anonymous]6yNo, he could. Whether he would do it is another issue. Moreover, the relationship between money and happiness is weak.
Open thread, Feb. 01 - Feb. 07, 2016

Would you mind summarizing the point. Because I don't get it.

0[anonymous]6yInstead, I will elaborate on my interpretation of it and the meaning that I attribute to it: Seligman briefly mentions that 'PERMA' can be the foundation for a new value-model in politics in a video by the channel: 'happy and well'. This suggests that comparisons of wellbeing above '1', on say a QALY scale are useful. By convention, people are '1' when well, and less than 1 depending on the degree of disease (mental or physical) as it affects their quality of life. The reddit point highlights for me that we may find it effective to improve the happiness of a banker who's stressing himself out making money and blowing it on hookers than someone in ill health in the developing world. Seligman also describes research that shows people who have experienced all 3 of the 'worst' traumatic experiences tend to experience 'post traumatic growth', more so than those with 2 or one of these experiences: rape, torture and capture. With a bit of Googling I can't find the literature. This makes me less confident in his position but none-the-less hopeful that I've stumbled upon an important line of research for EA's to pursue. Discussing positive things is probably good for the EA diaspora anyway, since doom and gloom talk is rather unpleasant IMO.
Open thread, Jan. 25 - Jan. 31, 2016

Or because it's the place closest to San Francisco where gambling was legal.

0Lumifer6ySan Fran is not that special :-P Besides, gambling was legalized in the entire state of Nevada and there are certainly places closer to SF in there (like Reno).
Open thread, Jan. 18 - Jan. 24, 2016

Presumably people read your old comments and upvote them.

Open Thread, January 4-10, 2016

They get positive expected real interest from loans they give, but pay negative real interest on deposits they receive.

0ChristianKl6yIf a bank buys a government bond that's "giving a loan" and I understand that to give negative interest in certain cases.
Stupid Questions, 2nd half of December

Taboo 'care'. They did kill people just for looking Chinese.

0Lumifer6yThat doesn't change much, I can taboo "care" easily enough. Did they kill all Chinese-looking people because looking Chinese was an imprecise but a good-enough marker for a particular socio-economic group?
Open Thread, January 4-10, 2016

... or whatever is their more civilized equivalent in USA

I think the generalized concept is 'politicians'. And yeah, that sounds likely. But I would say that it is a problem that the ones who make the rules and the ones who explain to everyone else what's what all live in an environment where earning something honestly is weird is a problem. That there are some who are not in such a bubble is not the problem.

4Viliam6yOligarchs are the level above politicians. You can think about them as the true employers of most politicians. (If I can make an analogy, for a politician the voters are merely a problem to be solved; the oligarch is the person who gave them the job to solve the problem.) Imagine someone who has incredible wealth, owns a lot of press in the country, and is friendly with many important people in police, secret service, et cetera. The person who, if they like you as a wannabe politician, can give you a lot of money and media power to boost your career, in return for some important decisions when you get into the government.
Stupid Questions, 2nd half of December

That's a matter of perspective/values. I agree with Christian on this one.

Open Thread, January 4-10, 2016

What is your credence that the google of five years in the future won't find things written under pseudonyms when you search for the author's real name? 10 years?

4Vaniver6yI agree that will likely be available as a subscription service in 5 years or so, but I think it would be somewhat uncharacteristic for Google to launch that for everyone. (As I recall, they had rather good face recognition software ~5 years ago but decided to kill potential features built on that instead of rolling them out, because of privacy and PR concerns.)
Open Thread, January 4-10, 2016

I think it would be counted as whichever way was used by whoever you got the inheritance from.

Crazy Ideas Thread, Aug. 2015

I use dl. I have one of the most popular Swedish cook books, and it consistently gives volumes of flour, baking soda etc.

Open thread, Nov. 23 - Nov. 29, 2015

Here is a map with London and Istanbul on it. In between them are many countries with at least six majority languages (and that's a low count, where some people would lynch me for saying that their language is the same as the one their neighbor speaks). Los Angeles and Tijuana on the other hand are two cities right by a border, and the only languages commonly spoken between them is English, the language of the USA, and Spanish, the language of Mexico.

0polymathwannabe6yI understood solipsist's argument to mean that Americans can be excused for being ignorant of other languages because most of them live too far from other linguistic communities, and pointed at the mutual closeness of European countries for contrast, implying that it's likelier to find a Turkish-speaking Brit than a Spanish-speaking American. What I tried to say was that there was no need to artificially inflate the comparison distance by choosing Istanbul. Londoners can find speakers of a completely different language by merely driving to Cardiff. But the U.S. is not a monolingual bloc of homogeneity either: ironically, solipsist chose New York for his example, a multilingual smorgasbord if ever there was one.
Open thread, Nov. 09 - Nov. 15, 2015

I don't think that he wanted to be castrated for the sake of other people, but for his own sake. Maybe the "urges" are distracting and useless. I sympathize, but castration has too big side effects for me to use it.

Open thread, Nov. 16 - Nov. 22, 2015

I would like to combine your two suggestions like so: Posts in discussion still earn 1 karma per vote. But as soon as a post gets at least five or so points it transfers to promoted. And then you get 10 karma per vote the post receives after getting promoted.

Posts in promoted are visible to people reading discussion, but readers can choose to see only promoted posts.

That way you have a smaller downside risk (if your post is received poorly you only lose one karma per downvote), but you can still get more karma if you write a substantial post that people like.

0hg006yI really like the suggestion of making it so downvotes only cost 1 karma on toplevel posts. But it seems weird to have the marginal karma from an upvote suddenly switch from 1 to 10 as soon as you get at least 5 points.
Open thread, Nov. 16 - Nov. 22, 2015

... Here is how ...

Is this similar to r/rationalistdiaspora?

5Viliam6yOh, I haven't seen r/rationalistdiaspora for a long time. Looking there: The front page contains 25 posts, each of them is 2 days old, most of them don't have any upvotes, none of them has comments. Nope. When people don't vote or comment, slow down. Only choose the best stuff, or perhaps if you believe there is so much great content, create an article containing more links. Also, I guess you have to somehow create the initial community, to get the ball rolling. I don't know exactly how, but some startups solve this problem by having an invitation-only phase, where you can join only if an existing user invites you, which means that you have demonstrated your interest (artificial scarcity) and also that you know at least one person who is already there, thus you will keep coming to meet them, and they will keep coming to meet you. Okay, I admit there is more than just having a good censor.
Rationality Quotes Thread November 2015

Is acupuncture on the list? Meditation? I see chakras, but you can have all the useful parts of meditation without chakras.

0ChristianKl6yAcupuncture is on the list. I even thought about something different.
Open thread, Nov. 09 - Nov. 15, 2015

Systematic reviews don't exist for: ... borderline personality disorder ...

I thought that got Dialectic Behavior Therapy.

Also, the shyness treatment article has been withdrawn. They intended to make one but didn't find any good sources.

2[anonymous]6yYes, DBT is the best evidenced from memory, but I haven't researched it heavily. DBT is a pretty fancy name for a lot of ''common sense'' advice + CBT. There are systematic reviews of DBT for BPD, but that doesn't mean that there are systematic reviews for treatment of BPD 'objectively'. Thanks for the update on shyness.
Open thread, Nov. 09 - Nov. 15, 2015

It tastes very good. It is a little bit runny and turns brown after a while. Lots of people make their own jam this way. Except that they use a large pot rather than a frying pan. If you have berries I recommend that you try it. However, it is more expensive than the factory jam.

Crazy Global Warming Solution Ideas

"Powerwall" is just a big battery. It might help compensate for the irregularities of solar and wind power. But it only makes sense to use batteries for that after we have moved to much more renewables. It is much more efficient to store the power in the water magazines of existing hydro plants.

-4D_Alex6yYes... plus some electronics, like a rectifier, an inverter and control circuitry. Yes... that's partly what is was conceived to do. It also can compensate for the irregularities in demand. For storage of solar and wind power, this is a complex matter, and the short answer is "it depends". For demand management, it makes sense now. It is desirable to use hydro plants (where they exist) as swing producers. Pumped storage is not quite as energy-efficient as battery storage (roughly 75% for pumped vs 85% for Li batteries), though it can be cost-effective, in places where large, elevated reservoirs already exist. But all this is besides the point, which is: There are proposals to "solve" global warming, which are implementable now, with today's technology, which furthermore have side effects which are on balance positive (like clean air in the cities).
Open thread, Oct. 12 - Oct. 18, 2015

I believe that there is an editor called lyx that lets you do this.

Instrumental Rationality Questions Thread

The thing about filing is not that your nails are too long. For some people the trigger for biting their nails is that they notice a piece of a nail sticking up far enough to be bitten. If they file the nails as short as they bite them, but completely even, then that trigger never happens, so they stop biting their nails.

Pretty much substitute filing for biting, because that looks nicer and is easier to modulate into something that does make sense.

Instrumental Rationality Questions Thread

Does it help if you just cut and file your nails really short?

Have you tried using nail polish instead of hot sauce?

0polymathwannabe6yMy teeth already keep them really short, actually shorter than is aesthetically advisable. Nail polish is an interesting counter-incentive to putting my nails in my mouth, no so much for the taste, but for the toxicity []. I may try that.
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